Easy Teacher Gifts for the Holiday Season


teachergiftsTeacher gifts…ahh they stress me out! Especially since I usually don’t think about them until the very last minute (Mom of the year right here!). So in order to not look like I don’t care about the people that are helping shape my children’s future I came up with some really easy but fun teacher gifts for the holiday season.

All of these gifts are affordable, cute, simple and E.A.S.Y. That is my mantra when it comes to almost anything. So if you find yourself wanting to impress without all of the stress then try these gifts this year.

Five Easy Go To Teacher Gifts

  • Redbox Codes – This is my favorite gift to give. Who doesn’t like relaxing on the couch and enjoying a good movie? Just purchase the codes at Redbox.com and then write the codes on a cute printable, package up with a bag of popcorn and movie candy and you have a fun and practical gift. (under $5 each)
  • Succulents – I am a sucker for a succulent (ha) and I just assume everyone else is as well. Plus they are easy to dress up to make them extra special. Print a fun gift tag and stick in the pot and voila! (check out Trader Joes for super affordable succulents and other plants/flowers).
  • Poinsettia – sticking with the “living” idea, nothing says holiday season quite like a pretty poinsettia. You can get good size ones at Home Depot on Black Friday for 99 cents! Its one of my first stops every Black Friday because I love to use them in my own home and give them as holiday gifts.
  • Gift Cards– I know, it seems super impersonal but I have a source that tells me this is their favorite thing to receive. Restaurant gift cards top the list (Starbucks, Sonic, Chick-fil-a are some favorites) and they also enjoy gift cards from places like Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. My favorite is to get an empty holiday cup from Starbucks, a drink packet and a gift card and wrap it all up in together. Cute, quick and well loved.
  • A Personalized Thank You –  This is so simple we almost forget about it. Instead of trying to wow your kid’s teachers with Pinterest presents, have your kiddos sit down and write out what they love about their teacher and a simple thank you. My teacher friends have told me that this is what they really appreciate, knowing all of their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

And if you ever wondered what NOT to get them…mugs, homemade food, lotions/body washes top the list. 

As the holiday gift giving season approaches file these away to make teacher gifts a breeze while also letting them know how much you truly care.


Have any great teacher gift ideas we can add to our list? A teacher gift fail? Do Share!


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