{Easy} DIY Spring Wreath


Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It’s always refreshing to see trees budding and flowers blossoming and being able to enjoy some warm weather after months of cold. Spring also inspires me to get some bright, cheery colors on display throughout my home.

One of my favorite ways to brighten up the front door is with a pretty wreath. Wreaths are simple to make, have a lot of impact, and generally are pretty cheap craft projects. This time around, I wanted to make a spring wreath that hinted at Easter but also could be used before and after. And when I found a cute distressed wood and galvanized metal bunny at Hobby Lobby, I knew I had found my wreath inspiration.

Here’s how to make your own spring wreath, perfect for Easter and beyond.


  • 24” grapevine wreath. I chose an oval one for this project, but a round one in a similar size would look great too!
  • 3–4 floral stems and greenery. Pick pretty spring blooms and some greenery. I chose sprays of variegated purple flowers and a eucalyptus stem.
  • Wooden bunny or nest and eggs. I found my distressed wood and galvanized metal bunny in the Easter section at Hobby Lobby, but I also found similar ones at the Target Dollar Spot. And if bunnies aren’t your thing, you can find nests and decorative eggs in the floral section of most craft stores.
  • Paddle wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

DIY bunny wreath


  1. Decide whether you want the flowers and bunny on the right or the left. I like to lay out my floral stems several different ways to get an idea of what looks good before I commit to securing it all to the wreath. I ended up using two of the purple floral stems and one eucalyptus stem, putting one floral stem going up, one going down (with the ends overlapping), and a few sprays of the eucalyptus going both ways.
  2. Use the wire cutters to trim the floral stems so that you don’t have too much stem showing. I cut the eucalyptus greenery into a couple of smaller pieces so I could use the leaves to fill in space between the flowers.
  3. Tie down the stems with the paddle wire. It’s really important to use as much of this as necessary in strategic spots, or the flowers will fall off of your wreath. Cut a 2–3-inch piece of wire with the cutters, slide it under the part of the stem you’re securing AND a few branches of the wreath, and then tightly twist to secure. Trim off any excess wire with the wire cutters. Repeat as needed.
    Easy DIY Spring Wreath
  4. Glue the bunny at the center (where the floral stems meet). I used a LOT of hot glue.
    Easy DIY Spring Wreath
    Easy DIY Spring Wreath
  5. If you’re using a nest instead, hot glue a few eggs into the nest, and then glue the nest to the center of the stems.
    Easy DIY Spring Wreath
  6. Hang your adorable spring wreath on your front door with a wreath hanger or a large Command hook. Enjoy and happy Spring!

DIY bunny wreath

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