Fun, Easy {Easter & Spring} Crafts for Little Ones


Spring is upon us, and so is Easter! Right now, I am feeling INVIGORATED by the beautiful weather and pretty trees blossoming all around. Is there anything better than going out in the morning and seeing that new flowers seemed to have bloomed overnight?

Every year, I forget how much I love Easter until I see all the pretty baskets, cute candies and pastel colors in the stores. It’s gotta be the most whimsical holiday there is, right? One way you can get little ones involved in the bunny-hoppin’ fun, besides the awesome egg hunts, is through some cute crafts.

I did some looking around on Pinterest for Easter and spring crafts, and of course, found a TON. I’ve done a couple of them with my little girl that yielded some pretty cute results. Even if “crafting” with an almost three-year-old rarely looks like it does in your head, it’s OK, because it’s all about that artistic expression. Read on for some cute ideas!

Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting

We did this one just the other day. It’s rare that I pull out actual paint (that’s why little ones go to preschool, no?!) so I think my daughter was pretty excited.

Easter Crafts

All we needed were some kid-safe paints, furry pom poms, and an Easter egg printout (an easy Pinterest search). The original directions call for clothespins – we didn’t have any on hand, but managed just fine.

Since this was an Easter craft, I wanted some pretty pastels – you can get that by simply mixing some white paint into whichever colors you’re using. No paints on hand? Dot markers work just as well for this project…and come with less mess! Again, you can see the full directions here.

Handprint Flower Bouquet

Here is a craft that just screams “Spriiiing!” Pretty flowers made from little hands – could it get any sweeter? We did this one last year for Grandma (Grandparents LOVE receiving handmade cuteness from their grandkids – keep them in mind as recipients!). See the directions here.

Bunny and Chick Fingerprints

OK, maybe it does get even sweeter than the handprint bouquet above. These little bunnies and chicks are so freakin’ ADORABLE. All you need are a couple of stamp pads, a marker, and tiny fingers. See the directions here.

Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs

What I love about all these crafts is that they’re fairly simple and no fuss. Do you have q-tips? Most likely. How about paints? Hopefully. That’s pretty much all you need! You could let your little one create the pastel shades for this by swirling white paint in with the colors using the q-tips. See the directions here.

Popsicle Stick Chicks

Last but not least, are some darling little wooden chicks. I remember when I was little, being so excited when I’d see baby chicks around Easter. Speaking of, does anyone remember these tiny chenille ones?! I’m having a childhood flashback! Also getting off topic…create some chicks of your own using a few simple materials! See the directions here.

Are you doing any springtime crafting with your kiddos?
Feel free to share them with us!


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