Don’t let Christmas hit you in the eye


Christmas stocking holderYou know what time of year this is, right? This is the time of year where schedules get a little full, kids eat a little too much sugar, and it gets dark earlier so it feels like you have less time to accomplish everything. I am not going to lie to you, sometimes it makes the days blend together. How can we stop time and remember as much as we can about these times when we have kids who are… still kids?

I think the secret might be to stop for a minute sometimes and write it down. Or draw it, or play music about it, if that’s your thing. I often use my family blog to write down quick anecdotes about my kids. Then, at the end of each year, I use a service like and have a softcover book made of all the blog posts and pictures. We have two books so far and I love them. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to scrapbooking, I think.

Here’s a little anecdote I’d like to share with you for a few laughs this Christmas.

Last night, my son was sitting in Daddy’s lap next to the fireplace watching the fire. By sitting on Daddy’s lap he was just tall enough to reach up to the Christmas stockings above his head and give one a little tug. Just enough to bring the mantle stocking holder hook crashing down onto his eye! We were really scared to see him actually bleeding, but it turned out that it was just two small surface cuts that hardly even bled. Unfortunately, he was scared of the cold compress, the frozen peas, and even the special bunny that goes in the fridge to hold against boo-boos. We weren’t able to convince him to allow anything cold on his eye, so it has swelled up a bit.

Tonight we had our babysitter come watch the kids while we went out for a meeting. She asked about the eye and we told her. Later that evening, our toddler told her his own version, which she related to us. He said, “Oh! My eye! Daddy! Christmas! In my eye!”. He told her again: Christmas hit him in the eye.

So there you have it. This season, when you are rushing around and feeling busy: don’t let Christmas hit you in the eye. Just slow down, laugh, and enjoy it!


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