Don’t Go Batty :: Three Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes


Holidays have a way of creeping up on us.  We have the best intentions to plan ahead, but then life always manage to get in the way.  Here we are towards the end of October still trying to make our Halloween plans. We are faced with so many questions from where to trick-or-treat, what pumpkin patches and mazes to attend, fall carnivals and the inevitable costume drama.  If you have a child like mine, she will change her mind the day before Halloween on what she wants her costume to be.  I’ve also known the kids that boycott dressing up at all until they find out that their new best friend, as of yesterday, now demands that they wear matching costumes.  Don’t go batty!  I’m here to help carve out some good memories with three last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

Before I go into my favorite three, simple DIY costumes, I must clarify what DIY means to me.  DIY means that the costume is not sold in a bag as a set on a marketed costume aisle.  While I am very talented with a hot glue gun and an exacto knife, I have zero sewing skills.  My special set of skills falls in knowing where to shop to find the best deals.  Then, my friends and I take those bargains and place them together into a one-of-a-kind costume.  Here are my top three favorites for 2019.

Three Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Green Grapes – Have a grape day!

How cute is Sunday Curry in her green grapes costume?  She is wearing a green leotard and green leggings paired with green Converse.  You can get your leotard and leggings anywhere, but I highly recommend We Love Colors.  They offer an abundance of colors, fast shipping, and affordable prices.  They also have adult sizes as well.  She bought the green balloons at her local party store, and her green floral from a local craft store.  She then used a hot glue gun, tape, and a stapler to put it all together.  Who knew something so simple to put together could be so darn spooktacular?  For a sibling set, you can have a complimentary purple grape costume.  Primary is also a really great option for solid color clothing!

Barbie – Come on Barbie; let’s go party. Well, trick-or-treating!

Maybrie Gigon is modeling her boo-tiful Barbie costume. Once again, you can get these pieces anywhere, but We Love Colors really is a one stop shop.  The purple leggings, gloves, pink leotard, and knee high socks are all from this online retailer.  We made the Barbie logo for the front of the leotard with a Silhouette Cameo machine and ironed it on.  Also, if you are from the south, the weather is unpredictable.  This costume is easy to layer.  Wear as pictured, or add a colorful windbreaker if it gets cool. Don’t forget the scrunchie and side ponytail to complete the look from head to toe.

Forky – You’ve got a friend in me.

Forky is going to be a popular choice this year with the success of Toy Story 4.  My daughter, Aria Goodson, knew she wanted to be Forky from the second she walked out of the movie theatre.  For this costume, I ordered the red leotard, white leggings, red gloves, and tan socks from We Love Colors.  Again, you can order from anywhere.  While I could also attempt to paint shoes myself, these adorable customs are from Happily Eva After, a Facebook and Instagram retail shop.  The white tutu and a white shirt can be purchased from a local craft or party store and a Silhouette Cameo machine can be used to transfer the vinyl face onto the shirt.  Once again, I am a self-proclaimed expert shopper, and I ordered the light up tutu and Forky top from the Facebook retailer, Auske’s Too Cute Tutus & Hair A La Bow.

Creep It Real ~ YOU dress up as well.

While I mentioned three last-minute, kid’s DIY Halloween costume ideas above, you also need to get involved and have fun.  You might feel silly like you are back at your first junior high dance standing against the wall.  However, just like then, when you actually get out on the floor and dance like no one is watching, you have the time of your life.  Halloween is the same.  Put on your costume, join in on the candy scavenger hunt by “Play.Party.Plan.“, and be in as many pictures as you take.  Just remind yourself that at the end of the night, you can reward yourself with a mummy cocktail after your littles fall asleep from being chocolate wasted.

“Sticky fingers tired feet; one last house, trick-or-treat.” ~Rusty Fischer

A huge thank you to Carin Curry Photography for taking the photos of our little models in their DIY Halloween costumes.




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