Do You Pinterest?

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Have you heard of Pinterest? It is a complete time-suck but such great a resource for creative ideas nonetheless! It’s that place where you can go when you’re stuck thinking, “gosh I wish I knew where all my friends find their cute ideas!”

If you don’t have time to dabble in the Pinterest world, I’ve rounded up some of my mom-related pins to save you some time. These are few things that have been floating around the interwebs that caught my eye.

This sounds like a yummy, healthy recipe for toddlers. Can’t wait to try it! {via}

I’ve had my eye on these fun magnetic alphabet letters for the fridge for a long time.


I’m loving everything about this gray and yellow nursery!


How fun is this cute alternative to the traditional hand-print turkey shirt?


Planning an Ice Cream Party any time soon? These balloons would be perfect!


This may not be kid related, but this wreath would make any mom smile walking through the door.


There you have it! Go pin some of those things that caught your eye and be sure to let me know your findings!



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