DIY Fall Family Fun Jar {Plus a Free Printable!}


Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year and it’s finally here! Whether you’re sliding and swinging through one of the city’s amazing parks or strolling through the pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum, Dallas is full of activities and events to make the fall season memorable for your family.

Even though the leaves in Dallas won’t start changing colors until about November, I was feeling inspired by a steady stream of Pumpkin Spice Latte to create a DIY Fall Family Fun Jar. It’s so easy to make and it will give your family lots of ideas for family-friendly activities this fall.

To made this simple project even easier, I created a Free Printable ‘Fall in Dallas’ Bucket List! I pulled a lot of ideas from our fabulous list of 25 Family-Friendly Fall Activities in DFW and threw in a few extras just for fun. Don’t forget to add your family’s favorite things to do in the fall. If you make a Fall Family Fun Jar for your family, show it off by posting pictures on our Facebook page or by tagging us on Instagram at #thedallasmoms!

Click Here to Print the Dallas Fall Family Bucket List

To make your own Fall Family Fun Jar, you will need your printed list, scissors, a jar, and some twine.

Cut the Fall Family Bucket List into strips and place them in the jar. Then wrap the twine around the mouth of the jar.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Dallas, don’t worry! I’ve also created a free printable with the best fall activities you can do anywhere.

Click Here to Print the Universal Fall Family Bucket List

That’s it! Some of the ideas require a little planning, so our family likes to pick one out at the beginning of the week. Then we try to complete the activity before the end of the week. By the time winter rolls around, we have had several unique experiences and made lots of memories!

If you have any great date ideas I should add to my Dallas Family Fun Jar, share them in the comments below!


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