Dear Teacher: Here Is What I Want You To Know


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The beginning of a new school year means getting to know a new teacher. And every year, I send an email to our teacher to outline what I want him or her to know about my kid. This year, the email isn’t about my student. Instead, it’s about what I want from our teacher. 

Dear Teacher,

You’ve been on my heart a lot this summer. I think about teachers often because I used to be one. I have no doubt you’ll get to know my child as the year progresses. You’ll probably see our family at school-sponsored events. But this email is not about us, it’s about you.

I hope you take your personal days. These days are yours to use as you wish. Travel. Rest. Play. I have yet to meet a person who regrets using their personal days for personal stuff. 

I hope you don’t reply to emails after you leave the building or on weekends. You might receive an email from me after dinner, but that’s just because if I don’t send it when I think about it, I’ll probably forget. Leave the emails for school hours. 

I hope that when I’m out on an evening walk in the neighborhood, your car is still not there. I’d love nothing more than to see an empty parking lot way before bedtime. 

I hope you feel empowered to take care of yourself. Stay home if you’re not feeling well. It feels like a classroom without you will barely manage, but trust me when I say: someone will figure it out. And it doesn’t always have to be you. Taking care of yourself is essential. 

Reach out to me if you need a coffee or hot lunch on the days where it can feel like it’s just too much. I’m literally down the street. 

I hope you nourish the parts of you that are more than “teacher”. You are more than someone’s teacher. Invest in your relationships and interests. 

I hope you never feel torn between being a good teacher and being a good mom or dad, wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, sister or brother, or friend. And on the days where you feel like you must choose, I hope you choose the one that will matter most in a year. 

Signed, A Thankful Momma



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