Date Night: Tony’s Pizza & Pasta


Tony’s Pizza & Pasta is well known on this side of town for their great prices and generous portions. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner to celebrate an anniversary, this may not be the best atmosphere (although this place might be), but if you’re looking for an affordable meal to sneak away too, and maybe stop by White Rock Lake after dinner for a romantic walk, this is the place for you!

Located right off Northwest Highway in the Lake Highlands area, you’ll find Tony’s in a strip center right next to Subway, I believe (I warned you it’s not super romantic). I love that Tony’s allows you to bring your own wine to share over dinner. Hello budget-friendly!! Their portions are almost always big enough to bring home lunch for the next day. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a babysitter and get away from the kids, it’s still a great place to have a family date. We are big fans of theses. Or if you do have a babysitter, but you find Tony’s way overcrowded and too loud to hear yourselves whisper sweet nothings to each other all night (we all do this, right?), this is a great place to grab take-out and bring it over to White Rock Lake for a romantic picnic.

So next time you want to go out to dinner and not break the bank, stop by Tony’s Pizza & Pasta. Don’t forget to bring your own wine! And maybe even hop across the street to grab a Cake Ball after!

Do you have any favorite affordable restaurants? Have you been to Tony’s? Any other gems in this area you know of?



  1. Awesome! We love Cafe Amore in Plano! It’s affordable and we can also bring in our own wine so that’s a plus! We’re heading there next weekend to celebrate our six years of marriage!

  2. We love Tony’s! One of our favorite budget friendly dinners is Urban Taco. We split their salsa trio and one of their poblano rice bowls (they are plenty to share). If you catch them during Happy Hour you can still keep it really cheap! Without drinks we get out for under 20 which is always wonderful!


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