Date Night: Drive In Theater


For almost 3 years I have been driving back and forth from Houston (my hometown) to Dallas and passing by the Galaxy Drive In Theater in Ennis every time. For almost 3 years, I have wanted to try it out. Well folks, a few weeks ago my dreams came true…just not exactly how I envisioned them to.

This quaint little Drive In Movie Theater is about 40 minutes south of Dallas, so yes, it is a drive but totally worth it in experience. I had beautiful visions of packing up the baby in the car seat (where he slept for the first FOUR months of his life) and timing it perfectly so he would fall asleep on the drive down, and snooze the entire time through our romantic movie watching experience. Let’s just say things didn’t work out as planned. I had a baby in my lap banging on every square inch of the dashboard almost the entire duration of the movie. Our AC vents might be a little broken, and we may have no idea what actually happened in the first 70 minutes of the movie, but I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have a great time and plan to return soon.

If you have special powers and could get your little ones to sleep in the back seat, or if you are like a normal parent and just book a baby sitter, this Drive In Theater is such a fun option for a date night (or a family fun night if your kids are old enough). Although it is a bit of a long drive (which accounts for more gas money), the prices at the Galaxy Drive In are so low it might even out. Admission for an adult is only $6, and that covers TWO movies! The concession stand also offers super affordable food, as well, and the food is actually really good. We each got hamburgers and fries and were so pleasantly surprised. And the cheeseburgers were only $2.50 each!!! Can you even get that price at a fast food joint?? Along with great burgers and fries, they have tons of options like salads, even tamales, and of course popcorn.

We loved this place so much, we will definitely be going back soon (babies or no babies). You just can’t beat 2 movies for $6, cheap food, and watching a flick in your pajamas and socks!



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