Those Summer Niiights….


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Anybody else have a love/hate relationship with that Grease Classic? Anyway…

Looking for ways to have fun this summer in the Dallas area? We are starting a Summer Series documenting tons of fun ways to enjoy the summer with the kids and NOT go crazy OR break the bank! Here are just a few of the ideas we will be sharing…

Crafts with Kids1. Splash parks. There are several around Dallas and these are FREE! I plan on taking Kyler to one right by my house as soon as he starts walking. This is a great way to keep the kids cool, let them burn off some energy, and you can work on your tan!

2. Dollar Theater. If your kids are old enough to watch a movie in the theater, this is a great alternative to the high price of movie tickets. I know there is one in Mesquite and one in Plano.

3. Crafts. There are tons of great resources on the web for crafts to make with your kids. I love the activities the Crafty Crow shares. Inside or outside, it keeps the kids busy, and you might just find a craft that you will actually use or decorate with. With Kyler being a little too young for crafts, I will give him dry pasta to put into different containers (bottles, cannisters, etc.). This helps him improve his fine motor skills, and keeps him sitting in one spot for more than 30 seconds. The possibilities are endless!

4. Free Classes. Personally, I don’t have the means to enjoy costly music classes and other organized activities. That’s why I love FREE programs, like the ones we mentioned at Bookmarks! There are also a ton of free educational activities that you can do in Dallas listed here.

Get Creative5. Get Creative. When it’s too hot to go outside, stay inside and give normal activities a fun-factor boost by getting creative. Watch a movie in a tent you build out of sheets. Turn old boxes into castles and trains. Play with the usual toys, but in a different environment! The options are endless, and we will give you some fun ideas to run with…


Stay tuned for the next installments of our Summer Fun Series!


  1. We love free things to do! It’s also great to take advantage of local recreation centers and Studio Movie Grill does their kids $1 movies in the summer as well, worth looking into! Thanks for the tips Lauren!!


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