Dallas Fun: The Dallas Zoo


A few weeks back, my husband and I braved the heat and took Kyler to the Dallas Zoo for the first time. All 3 of us really enjoyed it, and we are definitely planning on returning once our toddler can do more things than just point and shake his head at all the animals.

I’m not here to tell you to all go try out this hidden Dallas gem (it’s pretty hard to miss with the giant giraffe statue staring over the interstate). Obviously most people know their city has a zoo and most people know what you can find at said zoo. BUT…did you know that the Dallas Zoo has an awesome children’s section? Tons of hands-on activities? A place to feed giraffes? A cafe that’s home to the napping lions? Well, it does! And it’s awesome!

I loved the freedom of being able to bring our own food and drinks. So many places force you to either starve or buy their ridiculously overpriced food, neither of which is an option for us. The zoo is super stroller friendly and has so many activities and exhibits for little ones. Kyler even muttered out our dog’s name “Duma” when he saw the cheetahs (which is where her name comes from). I’m just thankful he didn’t mutter “Dada” when he saw the gorilla. That would’ve been awkward.

A few things to remember when planning your trip to the zoo….Go early, like be there when the doors open- early, to beat the crowds. Lather on the sunscreen, bring plenty of cold water, and pack a lunch to enjoy on their picnic tables. You might even let your little one wear swim shorts to splash in the creek in the children’s area.







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