Dallas Fun: Burger’s Lake


Ok, so Burger’s Lake is not technically in Dallas; it’s in Ft. Worth but it’s probably less than an hours drive from here and well worth a day trip over there! Burger’s Lake is a 1-acre spring-fed lake (well, large pond) with lots of fun things for kids of all sizes and ages.

My husband grew up going to this fun little spot and my mother-in-law had her 18th birthday party there. So it’s been around. Think small water park, think large pool, think laid back and casual, think bring in your own snacks and think CHEAP! It’s $12 to get in, you drive up and park close to open fields, grills, picnic tables and the water.

This is not like the big-daddy water parks where you lug everything in and stuff it in a locker. You can sort of camp out of your car all day, going back and forth for snacks and what-have-you, which I consider to be a major perk.

There is a trapeze that swings out into the water, 3 large slides, lots of diving boards, beach entry points and now even a new little splash area for the littlest swimmers. There are also lots of wide-open spaces for volleyball, frisbee, football, and whatever else your kids will end up doing.

Burger’s Lake reminds me of a simpler time. It’s sort of a stress-free day of just hanging out and cooling off. I love how unique and unassuming it is. To put it simply, this is not a place to worry about what you look like in your swimsuit. It’s a come one, come all kinda place.

So, either carpool with a friend and her kids and go over for a day, or take your hubby and the kids on a weekend. I really think that if you give it a chance, you’ll love it.





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