Dallas Fun: Bishop Arts District


I have the perfect place for a daytime stroll with kids or better yet, an afternoon date with the hubby- Bishop Arts District. Gabe and I took our little one a few Fridays ago and drove down there for lunch and milling about. It was the pefrect afternoon.

While I’m not sure of all the cool trivia and history behind this area of town, I do know that you can read about it here. And I also know that we had a great time exploring this cute area. We had lunch at Lockart Smokehouse, which while the BBQ was tasty, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. There are no plates and no forks, just greasy butcher paper and greasy fingers. So with kids….I just wouldn’t. But there are plenty of other great spots! Enos Pizza is a great one, for example.

After lunch we just strolled up and down the street and window shopped. One tiny piece of info you may need to know is that most stores are too small to get anything other than an umbrella stroller in and about. Most of the time, my husband stayed outside with the stroller while I slowly made a lap through the shops. There was such a mix of places- gifty, vintage, eclectic. For all you children’s boutique-lovers out there, I would recommend The Cozy Cottage. It’s super-cute with lots of the latest trends in baby fashion! I only made one purchase that day (well, two actually, the other was chocolate which I’ll tell you about in a sec.) and it was a really cool succulent plant from Dirt. I had never been to a florist shop like this and I loved it. I already told Gabe I’d rather have something from there than flowers anyday! They may not be for everyone, but it’s a really cool space.

Last, but not least, I unknowingly mosied my way right in front of a chocolate shop (imagine that!) called Dude, Sweet Chocolate. By this time, Gabe knew the drill so I went inside and had free samples of all the chocolates they sold! This is not your typical chocolate shop- frilly, cutesy, dainty. No, no, the guy I talked to was hard core. He had tattoos all over his body and talked more like a chocolate chemist than anything. I tasted lots of samples and finally decided on the Stag Party fudge….awww, sweet memories – (of the chocolate, not of an actual stag party!!) This, mind you, is not for the faint of heart. It’s for die-hard chocolate fans.

So, the next time you and your sweetie want to just get out of the house or some mommy friends want to do something out of the norm, head south to Oak Cliff to the Bishop Arts District. It’ll make you love Dallas that much more 🙂



  1. ooohh! i just did a photo shoot here and loved the area. we ate at hunky’s burgers afterward and they had an amazing black bean/guacamole burger. so good!

    p.s. cute pic of you and your little one 🙂


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