Dallas Donuts Bucket List


Regardless if you spell it Donut or Doughnut, these pillowly soft treats are a weekend tradition for many families.  Over the last five years artisan donuts have taken over the nation and the Dallas area has a multitude of shops to choose from.  While it can be fun to explore unique and unexpected flavor combinations at various “designer” donut shops, there is something to be said for mom and pop type stores as well.  Here are some of Dallas Moms Blog Contributor’s favorites of both types:

Dallas Donut Bucket List


1. Hypnotic Donuts 

Expect a line out the door (moves faster than expected) every weekend morning, but for good reason. While their Evil Elvis (peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey) or Peace’statio (brown butter glaze and pistachios) may be what initially draws the crowds, many return for their chicken biscuits.  Try out the Amy biscuit with chicken, bacon, pickles, cheddar, honey and spicy mustard.  It may feel like and odd breakfast option, but somehow it works.

2. Glazed Donut Works

Sure, you can visit them on Saturday morning in your yoga pants on your way to your kids soccer game OR you can make an after midnight stop when your Friday after work happy hour turned into a happy night.  Open until 2 am both Friday and Saturday, a pineapple rum fritter or s’mores donut really hit the spot.

3. Yummy Donuts

This place is a win all over- a mix of both traditional and unique donuts, cute decor, and an genuinely nice owner.  They also have a very cute Hello Kitty donut which may be a five-year-old girl’s morning dreams come true.

4. Jarams Donuts

Remember the cronut craze of 2013?  Well you if you are behind the times or a cronut aficionado, they have your back.  If half croissant/half donut isn’t your style- don’t worry because they offer all the traditional flavors you might crave.

5. Top Pot Hand-Forged Donuts & Coffee

Originating in Seattle, this store is focused more on flavor and quality than having off the wall flavors.  Warning they are pretty pricey but their Ovaltine Latte may be worth the stop alone.

6. Mojo Donuts

Those who drive near this shop may remember its former inhabitant’s giant waving pink gorilla.  The gorilla is gone but the donuts are still a reason to pull over- can anyone say cookie butter or nutella donuts?  This shop has awkward parking but don’t let that intimidate you because it also has a drive thru.

7. Reverie Bakeshop

Don’t let the fact that this shop is entirely vegan scare you.  They also offer gluten free options which is high priority for some families.  Honestly, while you are there go ahead and go wild- they are much more than just donuts!

8. Golden Star

Two words-applesauce donuts.  Sounds strange, but just do it.  You will thank us later.

9. Allen Donuts

Need a special way to say, “Happy Birthday” to a friend or family member?  With 48 hours notice, they will bake you the saying in donuts and decorated oh so cute.  It also really helps that the donuts are flavorful and not too greasy.

10. The Donut Kitchen

Equally a donut shop and a restaurant, this is the place to go if part of your family can’t handle the sweetness in the mornings.  If you are feeling extra fancy, try a chorizo donut slider which features a sausage patty, gouda and a pickle sandwiched between a cake donut.

The Dallas area definitely doesn’t have a shortage of donut options so we know we didn’t cover some of the best- where should we go next?



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