Dallas Donut Crawl: Our Favorites Across the Metroplex


It’s almost National Donut Day! In honor of what I like to think is the happiest day of the year, I put together a fun little Donut Crawl around DFW. Hit them all or pick your favorite, from wild and crazy confections to cronuts to classic glazed.

Dallas has so much to offer when it comes to amazing food, and donuts are no exception. I have a few favorite donut shops already, so those had to go on the list. I also did plenty of research in preparation for this challenge. I referred back to our Dallas Donuts Bucket List and was so excited to see Hypnotic on it—I haven’t been there since they were serving donuts out of a pizza shop in North Dallas! I decided to add them to my list along with a couple other Dallas staples for a total of 10 donut shops to explore. Thankfully, I chose to do this the month of my birthday, because calories don’t count during your birthday month, amiright?

10 Amazing Donut Shops in Dallas (or close to it!)

Urban Donut

A delightfully delicious shop in Uptown filled with beautiful donut creations. Many are uniquely named after spots around town or Dallas pop culture references. They also have a donut design bar with ice cream and a large variety of fruits and toppings to create your very own donut sundae.

Helpful Hint: Parking is limited.

Address: 2805 Allen St., Dallas TX 75204

What we tried:

Urban Triple Chocolate Brownie

The Cowboy

Donuts from Urban Donuts, Dallas Donut CrawlHypnotic Donuts

A funky donut shop near White Rock Lake with craft donuts and warm chicken biscuits. The donuts are original and fun, made with quality ingredients. Each donut is hand crafted daily and the epitome of freshness. Hypnotic has such a fun backstory, and I can remember eating them out of a pizza shop every other weekend! They’ve come a long way, now with 2 locations, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality.

Helpful Hint: Feel free to call ahead Monday and Friday to reserve your biscuits before they are gone.

Addresses:  9007 Garland Rd, Dallas TX 75218 or 235 W Hickory St, Denton TX 76201

What we tried:

Holy Cannoli

The Homer

Hypnotic Donuts, Dallas Donut CrawlWow! Donuts and Drips

A donut shop where the ambiance is equally as beautiful as the donuts they serve. The whole place is Instagrammable, and they serve up delectable pieces of edible artwork. There is absolutely something for everyone. They brew specialty coffees and teas as well as serving fresh juices and lemonades. The owners are personable and delightful and make you feel at home in their gorgeous shop.

Address: 5601 W Lovers Lane, Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75209 or 8811 Teel Pkwy, Suite 160, Frisco, TX 75034

What we tried:

Over the Rainbow


wow donuts and drips Dallas Donut CrawlHurts Donut

An eccentric and punny shop that originated in Missouri and is now located in Frisco. They have a wide selection of creative confections topped with your favorite cereals, candy, and more. Everything we tried was yummy, but I have to say, the chocolate frosting is on point!

Address: 3288 Main St. Ste. 101, Frisco TX 75033

What we tried:

White and Nerdy

Maple Bacon

Cocoa Puff

Hurts Donut Frisco, Dallas Donut Crawl

Mustang Donuts

A staple in the Park Cities, they are located super close to the SMU campus. We went on a Sunday, and you could tell it was a local favorite because the shop was bustling with churchgoers and families with kids still in their pajamas. It may appear like any other donut shop, but the flavor is amazing! The donuts are super fresh, light and airy, just how donuts should be. Another thing that sets them apart, being in a college town, Mustang does a trivia question of the day.  If you guess correctly, you get a free fresh glazed donut, so be sure to bring your trivia whiz pal with you!

Helpful Hint: They only accept cash. Don’t be like us and order your donuts only to chase down the closest ATM in the rain. (We were NOT going to lose our amazing parking spot, because…Park Cities.)

Address: 6601 Hillcrest Ave Ste. D Dallas TX 75205

What we tried:



Chocolate Sprinkle

Cinnamon Roll


Mustang Donuts, Dallas Donut CrawlJarams Donuts

An unsuspecting gem in the middle of a basic shopping center in far North Dallas. I can’t tell you how many times I passed by this donut shop not knowing the delicious creations that were tucked inside. When you walk in, it may seem like any other donut shop, but as you look closer at the case, there are some of the most beautiful and delicious donuts I have ever seen or tasted. Donuts, cronuts and funnel cakes adorned with beautiful berries and glazes. A cookie butter funnel cake donut that I am kicking myself for not trying.  There’s always next time though, and I can say for certain we will be back.

Helpful Hint: If placed before noon, they also take orders for custom donuts including logos, letters, and holiday donuts.

Address: 17459 Preston Rd. Dallas TX 75252

What we tried:

Lemon cronut

Chocolate sprinkle

Jarams Donuts, Dallas Donut CrawlMilk & Cream

A one-of-a-kind dessert bar in Lower Greenville. Their specialty is a donut cut in half, stuffed with ice cream, and adorned with your favorite toppings. It’s basically heaven on earth. The ice cream is very natural and creamy. You have your choice of a plain or glazed donut, so if overly sweet isn’t your thing, you can take it down a notch. Both the donut and ice cream were excellent, and it was the perfect donut treat.

Helpful Hint: Parking is limited.

Address: 5420 Ross Ave #160, Dallas, TX 75206

What we tried:

Lavender Bean ice cream with sprinkles on a plain donut

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on a plain donut

Donut CrawlErnest Donuts

This little donut shop blew me away! Not only were there a ton of options in the way of donuts (which I will get to in a second), but the owner was so delightful. Once she finished serving me, she took a glazed cruller with a candle stuck in the top to an older woman seated near us—it was her birthday, and this shop owner clearly made her day! Besides the classic donuts you notice in most shops, Ernest offered cronuts, donuts infused with tea, cheesecake donuts, and breakfast sandwiches served on a donut. With 48-hour notice, you can also enjoy sushi donuts, letter donuts, custom character donuts, or a giant donut.

Address: 4740 State Hwy 121 Suite 700 Lewisville, TX 75056

What we tried:

Cheesecake Donut

Oreo with Gummy Worms

Earnest Donuts, Dallas Donut Crawl

Do you have a favorite donut shop that is not on the list? I want to hear about it! Whatever your favorite donut is, be sure to celebrate National Donut Day! Now, please excuse me while I go eat a salad.

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  1. Oh I’m sure H had a fun time ”researching” the best donuts in town! Wish we were closer to those yummy donuts! Thankfully, we have some great places close by! Great read!!


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