Dallas BBQ Bucket List


I didn’t willingly eat meat until I hit puberty, and even then it was only the occasional chicken strips.  I just wasn’t a fan of meat… that is until I started dating my now-husband and he introduced me to how tasty it can be.  When I became pregnant with my first daughter, my only craving was BBQ and despite it being five years later-the craving has never left.  Everyone knows that Texas has some seriously awesome BBQ joints and many are located here in the Dallas area!  Here’s a few that are worth a try if you haven’t already experienced them yet: 

Dallas Best BBQ Spots

1. Ten50 BBQ

Fairly new to the scene, I am a big fan of this eatery located in Richardson.  I am also appreciative of how big it is, we try to avoid peak times (after church on a Sunday) but I haven’t had to wait long to order on the outdoor grill and typically can find seating in the massive dining room with little trouble.  All of the sides are great, but I really enjoyed the mac and cheese which is something I don’t usually like at BBQ places.

2. Rudy’s BBQ

Originally starting out as a gas station, Rudy’s has grown to over 35 locations.  Any trip to Ikea also includes a stop at Rudy’s, their moist brisket is my favorite.  Rudy’s also has my favorite potato salad out of every BBQ place I have visited.

3. Lockhart Smokehouse

My husband one time tried to convince me to make the four hour drive to Lockhart, TX for some legendary BBQ.  While I love BBQ, spending 8 hours in a car round trip is not my idea of fun.  Luckily Lockhart Smokehouse is in our backyard and we are able to get a taste of what made the small town so famous for BBQ.  Note-Lockhart does not have sauce (their slogan is “No Forks! No Sauce! No Kidding!”) but that is just fine by me because the flavor of the meat itself is phenomenal. 

4. Pecan Lodge

When I was pregnant with my second daughter we had a moment where we thought I was going to be induced.  Between doctors appointments to figure it all out, I required that we get Pecan Lodge as my last meal before potential impeding labor.  Despite the hour wait (before doors even opened) it was worth every minute!  The Hot Mess (sweet potato with barbacoa and fixings) is on my tray every time.

5. Hutchins BBQ

Despite my love of BBQ, we just discovered Hutchins in the last six months.  While I still order by the pound, for under $20 my husband elects for the all you can eat option.  I was convinced that the quality of the BBQ would be subpar since it was all you can eat, but I have found it to be just as satisfying as other contenders.  I’m not mad about the free banana pudding or peach cobbler either!

6. Me Shack’s BBQ

The name is quite literal, a tiny shack on the side of the road in Garland.  Last time we went, there was one picnic table, so plan on either eating in your car or bringing it home.  The only sides are potato salad and beans (which to be honest are not my favorite) but if I’m in the mood for a BBQ sandwich, and am willing to brave a long line in the heat since you have to wait outside-this is my place!

7. Hard Eight

Like Ten50 BBQ, you order your food straight from the Pit Master.  I’m a brisket girl, my husband is a pork guy and loves their Pork Chops.  I also really appreciate the free beans when you dine in, my daughter eats her weight in beans!

8. Mike Anderson’s BBQ House

One of my favorite two places to get BBQ for lunch near my work.  For $14 I get a choice of up to three meats and two sides (or baked potato/salad).  Their garlic cole slaw is a unique twist on slaw and always on my plate.

9. Slow Bone

This lunch only location is somewhere I frequent during the work week.  I’m usually a brisket girl, but their chicken is my favorite.  As good as the BBQ is though, I am a sucker for their sides.  I have dreams about their cornbread pudding.  

10. Smoke

We initially tried Smoke for brunch and jealously looked over at the people who had ordered BBQ sandwiches and knew we would have to come back.  Smoke offers a different ambiance (and wider menu variety) so even the non BBQ lovers in the house will enjoy your trip here.  

Now I know I have missed a few- what are your favorites?  I am always looking for new places to try!


  1. Missed one, I don’t know the address but a description, down from parkland, next door to the big Salvation Army store in Dallas. Also my crew likes the 205 Bar B Que in Wylie Texas

  2. Meat U Anywhere in Grapevine on Northwest Hwy has wonderful bbq. I always get brisket but their other meats get rave reviews. Their cowboy pinto beans have pieces of brisket cooked in with them. Worth the drive from wherever you live.

  3. 4Ts in Forney. It is a drive for a lot of people but so worth it. They are open Tuesday-Saturday 11-3, they are about to start serving breakfast tacos starting 7-10. We are going to be trying them. We go all the time.


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