Cultivate a Child’s Passion for the Arts in Dallas

This post has been sponsored by Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts & Park Cities School of Music to bring you more information about these school of arts. All opinions are 100% our own. 

It’s no secret that Dallas has a unique interest in the Arts. Our great city is full of amazing museums, art shows, and programs that ignite an interest in creativity. (We even gave you a list of places around town to create that spark!)

But where do you go in Dallas when you want to cultivate that interest in your children? We’d like to introduce you to the Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts & Park Cities School of Music

When first founded, co-owners Evan Brandys’ and Ewa Korzeniowska’s vision was to identify and refine young talent, and help children achieve their artistic talents through a variety of disciplines. 

Which School is Right for your Child? 

LCFA Art Student 6Park Cities School of Music offers the “Best Music Classes in Dallas” with a wide-variety of music lessons for children of all ages. This music school offers lessons on the piano, guitar (bass, acoustic, and electric), trumpet, clarinet, violin, drums, voice, and more, and the school makes it extremely convenient for your families schedule. 

Instruction is available in-studio, online, or even in your own home. You can see a comprehensive list of lessons online and learn more about how this one of a kind music school is artistically impacting children in University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, and surrounding communities. 

This Fall, Park Cities School of Music will celebrate its 5th Anniversary with an Open House & Talent Show on September 10, 2016. Kids can participate and ultimately win the talent contest in which the winners will receive a trophy, picture on People Newspapers website, and a surprise gift. 


If your child has a unique interest in dance, art, or music, Lakewood Conservatory for Fine Arts is the school to look in to!

Located within the communities of Lakewood, Forest Hills, Lake Highlands, Casa Linda, Highland Park, University Park and surrounding Dallas areas, and an affiliate school of Park Cities School of Music, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts provides a variety of classes (both private and group) in-studio for children of all ages.

All instructors are highly-trained with a pedogogy degree and classes have a reputation for excellence and consistency in teaching. Their teachers have such a passion for music, that many have even gone on to receive their Masters or Doctor of Musical Arts degrees. 

Dance classes include ballet, creative movement, tap, jazz, and hip hop. Art classes begin with an age appropriate understanding of art history, rules of drawing, and discovering ability through a fun and creative atmosphere. 

In addition to daily classes, Lakewood Conservatory for Fine Arts offers one-on-one curriculum for children with special needs, such as ADHD, down syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome — just to name a few. To learn more, contact the school at (214) 455-1477. 

The Fall Semester begins August 20 at both Park Cities School of Music & LCFA, and they are currently enrolling both children and adults!

Right now, for every child who enrolls, you’ll receive a free professional head shot (no matter the age). 

Not able to enroll until after August 20th? No problem! Enrollment is available at anytime and tuition is prorated. 

Be a Part of LCFA Summer Art Gallery & Kids Art Contest!

This summer, if your child is looking for a way to express their creativity, LCFA invites you to participate in Lakewood Conservatory for Fine Art’s Summer Art Gallery (even if you’re not currently enrolled at either school)

Kids ages 5-14 are encouraged to reproduce either Chuck McCarter’s piece entitled Messenger or Stephen Potter’s piece entitled Posing for Picasso using paint, sketch or sculptor via free interpretation. You can viewe these pieces online

Submitted artwork will be accepted through September 15th and will be put on display in the LCFA Conservatory Art Gallery. 

The “best” reproduction in 3 age groups will be selected during a Closing Ceremony on September 15th. Each winner will receive a toolbox of professional art supplies and their work will be put on display at the LCFA indefinitely! For more information and to learn how to participate, visit Lakewood Conservatory For Fine Arts’ website.  

If you’re interested in learning more about classes at Lakewood Conservatory for Fine Arts, contact (214) 613-2020

If you’d like to speak with an instructor about music lessons at Park Cities School of Music, contact (214) 455-1477.


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