Create Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gifts


teacher appreciationI love teachers, and I love surprising our teachers with gifts. There are many ways to show educators appreciation. You can treat the whole school or just your children’s teachers.

We have done everything from sending handwritten notes to bringing in gift bags stuffed with goodies. As someone who works in higher education and as the wife of a high school teacher, I can assure you that educators are grateful for all of it.

The teacher gifts may look different this year. That doesn’t mean we can’t make them cute and fun. I love giving gifts. I’ve been having so much fun putting surprises together for our teachers and our school. If you aren’t sure where to get started with your teacher appreciation gifts, I’ve got some tips and ideas to share!

Creative Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  • Ask for an “about me” page from your teachers, if they haven’t already shared one. These typically include the teacher’s birthday, favorite colors, favorite treats, and places they love to shop. I love these pages because they help me give gifts I can be sure the teachers love.
  • Call or email your school to ask what is most popular in the teachers’ lounge. I learned through participation in our PTA that our teachers love coffee creamers. I try to take a variety of options up to the school every couple of months. It’s just a small way to show that we appreciate all they do.
  • Follow teachers from your school on social media. I noticed that several of the teachers at our school love Topo Chico so I took a few cases up for the teachers’ lounge one day.

teacher appreciation

  • This school year is a little different, of course. Our mom community rallied around our educators and set up a way to “adopt” school employees. They filled out forms to let the family who adopted them learn about their likes and what they need in their classroom.
  • The common theme for requests this time around was PPE and cleaning products. The four teachers we adopted requested disposable masks (in children and adult sizes), disposable gloves, hand soap, disinfecting wipes in addition to the expected requests for books, treats, and Starbucks.

{More Teacher Gift Ideas}

This year, our kid’s teachers deserve to be celebrated! Think out of the box to show your teacher appreciation for all they do!


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