Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift


Can you believe that school starts later this month? Whether your kiddo will be attending elementary school, preschool, or Mother’s Day Out, this Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift is a perfect addition to the classroom.

I like to start off the year with a small gift for my child’s teacher — while certainly not expected, it’s a way to make a great first impression and show your support for the teacher. And when I don’t know a lot about the teacher, it’s nice to have something fun and generic to fall back on, like this Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift.

This took me about 30 minutes to put together, and the supplies are super-easy to find. You could also use a vase instead of a flower pot. I like that it’s versatile — the teacher could use it to store pencils, or to display a pretty bouquet.

Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift

Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift-1


3-inch clay pot (like this one)
24 crayons
Hot glue gun


Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift-2

Add a dot of hot glue to the bottom of the pot and then another dot to the lip of the pot. Place a crayon onto the dots so that it’s fixed in the glue.

Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift-3

Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift-4

Repeat with the remaining crayons, leaving a space between the tops of the crayons to keep them in a straight line around the pot.

Crayon Flower Pot Teacher Gift-7

I added some flowers and a chalkboard clothespin with our teacher’s name. Isn’t it fun?


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