Cooking with Kids: Birthday Parties at My French Recipe


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Before I became a mother, I knew that cooking and baking would be something I’d want to share with my children someday. Being in the kitchen has always brought so much joy. I want my kids to enjoy cooking and learn lifelong skills that will carry them with confidence out of my kitchen and into their own.

But cooking with kids can be frustrating and overwhelming in the confines of your own kitchen. So much goes into a cooking project with kids! There’s a lot of prep that goes into it, there’s definitely a fair amount of clean-up involved afterward, and depending on your kitchen size, there could be a lack of space for all the cooks.

My French Recipe is a fantastic way to introduce a child to the basic skills of cooking and baking – scaling, mixing, kneading, stirring, piping, and the best part, TASTING, all of which takes place in their professional kitchen. It’s a fun and safe environment for kids to experience using real tools to create yummy creations and enjoy them with friends! 

We’re always looking for good ideas for kids birthday parties. I love it when I can find a place that offers a fun experience outside of my house (less at-home prep and clean up!), that’s also a new and enjoyable experience for my kids. I was able to take a quick tour of My French Recipe and they checked several boxes off of my “potential birthday party venue” checklist. They have an abundance of parking, a clean and safe environment, and most of all, the staff is fun and excited about cooking with kids! 

This experience is so much more than your average birthday party. Your children will leave with more than just a party favor bag; they’ll leave with the confidence and pride of creating their very own culinary masterpieces along with skills they can use in the future.  

my french recipe dallas

My French Recipe offers three party packages for kids that all sound equally delicious and fun. Your child and their friends can choose to make savory and sweet crepes (ages 6+), madeleines and lemonade (ages 6+), or macarons (ages 10+). They supply all of the kitchen utensils and supplies, as well as fresh and delicious ingredients. Parties are allowed to bring in outside snacks, food, and drinks, although after creating and snacking on their very own French pastries, kiddos might not be too hungry for much else (another perk of a cooking class – food is provided!).

I love the concept of a cooking class birthday party. I think it would be such an interesting and fun way to engage kids in something new while celebrating a special occasion. Not only do they offer parties for kids but they offer adult classes and camps during school breaks.

If you’re interested in booking a kid’s birthday party or playdate for your little one, make sure to visit My French Recipe or follow them on social media.



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