City Spotlight – Rockwall


I have not lived in Rockwall for five years, but it will always hold a special place in my heart! When my husband and I first moved to Dallas, we were like fish out of water. Both from a town no where near the size of Dallas and neither one of us had a clue how to make this place home. That is when we found Rockwall. It was perfect! Small, quaint, neighborly, and only 25 miles from the City. We found our perfect little starter house out there and made it home very quickly.

Rockwall has so much to offer for a young family. There are exceptional schools, wonderful churches, historic culture, a nightlife, and growing shopping. Not to mention the beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard that Rockwall lines. Whether you are looking for a place to settle down or just visit for the day, you have to check out Rockwall. When you get there start in the Historic Downtown Area. There are adorable shops. Boutique style and home decor. There is also a weekly Farmer’s Market to enjoy. While you are there you must visit Mirror Mirror Hair Salon and ask for Holly. She is the best! Once you are looking fabulous, try Zanatas or Bin 303 for lunch. Both SO good!

You can’t leave Rockwall without visiting the Harbor. You can catch a movie at Cinemark and enjoy shopping and great Restaurants too. There is a Gloria’s and a Campisi’s to choose from. The Harbor also hosts many events including Concerts by the Lake on Thursday nights. Bring a cooler and blanket and enjoy the live music lake side. There is a special patriotic celebration and fireworks on July 1st, so mark your calendars for that! If you would like to see more of the lake while you are there, checkout the sailboat cruises for as little as $25 per person. Wouldn’t that be a fun date night or family outing?

On Friday evenings, the city hosts Family Fun Fridays at a neighborhood park. Activities include painting, dancing, games, contests, bounce house, and much more! Activities and games begin at 6 pm followed by a feature film at dusk. Pack a picnic and lawn chairs if you go!

Four years later, two careers in the city and a baby on the way made us have to start looking closer in to the city for function sake. We have had a lot of “remember when” conversations about that little house in that little town, it really was great!


  1. My parents moved to Rockwall (well, Heath) about six years ago and it’s been so fun! We go out there on the weekend a lot for boating and family dinners. We love the Harbor and downtown is so cute. If we were to give up the city life we’d move to Rockwall for sure!

  2. So glad you mentioned Bin 303. It belongs to my sister-in-law and her husband and it is definitely one of the best restaurants around!!

  3. I moved from Downtown Dallas to Rockwall in 2009 because my husband and I were going to start a family. We have really loved living here, and it is so kid friendly for our 17 month old. There are tons of things to do here. The big mega-church, Lakepoint Church, has 2 indoor playgrounds open to the public on weekdays. One is for the toddlers with squishy animals they can climb on, and the other is a maze of tubes and slides for the older kids. They also have two really fun outdoor playgrounds, again one for the todders and another for the bigger kids. I love the playgrounds because they have a fence around them, which means I don’t have to chase Bryce as far!! There are some great splash parks, several community pools, and just an overall positive attitude!


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