Why Urban Air Garland Needs to Be in Your Play Rotation


As any good Dallas mama knows, indoor play spaces are serious business. Whether we’re trying to escape the burning heat of summer or the unpredictability of winter, a good place with enough physical entertainment to wear out our little ones is like a Golden Ticket. Early this summer Urban Air opened another branch of its popular indoor trampoline park in Garland. I got rave reviews from friends and, after the big kids went back to school, decided to hit up preschool bounce (every Wednesday and Friday from 10 am – 12 pm) with my two-year-old. 


I’ve been to a total of two Urban Air parks, this being the second. The other one we frequent is fun, no doubt. But unless it’s during the school year when I can go to preschool bounce, we might only go once or twice in an entire year. It’s pricey when you have to pay the full rate and my kids are usually ready to bounce (pun intended!) before our two hours are up. Enter Urban Air Garland. The place is amazing. Seriously, hands down awesome. From the huge apex (mini bouncing squares and trampoline walls) to the three-story climbing gym and ninja warrior course, there are so many ways to burn serious kid energy you won’t know where to start.

Let me be your guide. 


The Jungle Gym

This three-story climbing structure is one of the best I’ve seen. Designed in bright colors with friendly illustrations, little and big kids alike can climb, run, and explore three whole levels. There are nets, tubes, boxing bags, slides and more. Kids can actually get lost in this structure (I can vouch for this personally) but it’s so much fun they’ll be back for more after touching bases with mom or dad. 


The Junior Ninja Warrior Course

Ninja Warrior courses are popping up all over the metroplex. At 2,000 square feet, Urban Air Garland has one of the best. There are two sides to the course: One with hanging contraptions, rock walls and swinging bars, the other with angled mats and mini ropes courses. Tiny kids will take to ropes and mats, while your serious ninjas will climb, dangle and drop from the other side. 


The Apex

The Apex is huge and it’s a favorite spot for kids. They run, jump, and bounce back and forth from one side to the other. One whole side is a running wall—a.k.a long, skinny trampoline—where pro bouncers can practice their flips. 


The Dodgeball Arena

There are two courts at this Urban Air, both similar to the Apex in design. These smaller versions keep bright colored, soft balls contained for dodgeball games that would make White Goodman shake in his shoes.  When it’s empty, a game of catch or tag is easy and fun! 


The Gladiator Pit

Up towards the front entrance, Urban Air’s go-to foam pit gets an American Gladiator-style upgrade. A balance beam crosses the middle of the pit; huge cyclical sparring tools allow for competitors to knock each other off the beam. When we were there, the kids were LOVING this section of the park.


 The Drop Zone

Right next to the Gladiator Pit is the Drop Zone. There are two side-by-side trampolines facing a huge, air-filled bag (similar to bounce house material). You bounce, bounce, bounce yourself onto the bag and drop down low.  The kids love the sensation of sitting on air and it’s fun, but it can be a challenge to pull yourself out of the bag.


Snack Area and Party Place

Like the other Urban Air parks, outside food or drink is not allowed (I’ve fed my kids snacks before, but am always respectful.). There’s a snack bar, which wasn’t open while I was there and plenty of sitting space.  There are cubbies for shoes and personal items. There’s also a huge section of birthday party tables by the jungle gym, and private party rooms line the back wall. 


The Details

Urban Air can get expensive, but there are ways to get around paying full price. From Jumparoo (preschool bounce) hours to the online coupons, there are ways to save yourself a buck and run your kids ragged at the same time. We are so excited about this new trampoline park and plan on going back soon. 

Urban Air Garland
3046 Lavon Dr.
Garland, Tx 75040


Have you been to the new Urban Air in Garland? What did you think? Share in a Comment below!

All images by Gabby Cullen


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