Capturing A Moment in Time OneDay at a Time


We love to partner with businesses that we think are beneficial to moms, but what we love even more are businesses local to Dallas!  While this post has been sponsored, we’re excited to share the new OneDay app with you.

Capturing A Moment in Time OneDay at a Time

 I was laying down with my son this afternoon trying desperately to get him to take a nap. We’d sung songs and read books. I’d pulled my last trick out of my pocket and was laying next to him stroking his head as I slowly moved my hand down the bridge of his nose trying to get his eyes to close. 

Boys2Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. While normally I focus on not losing the naptime battle so I can protect my few moments of “me” time, today I was just enjoying being with him. While I ran my fingers through his hair, I thought back over the last few years and how 4 years ago this person hadn’t even entered our lives yet. It seems like even within the last few weeks, I’ll turn around and see him standing in the kitchen and I don’t recognize the almost 4 year old standing in front of me. 

What would he be like in 10, 20, 30 years? Would this blonde-haired, boyish cheeked little boy be wearing suits to work each day…have a family…traveling the world with his friends?

They’re not kidding when they say time goes by like the blink of an eye. I really need to do more to capture him the way he is today because tomorrow he’ll be changing…again. 

Thanks to the help from the OneDay App you get a priceless movie in a matter of seconds that helps piece a story or moment together with no editing involved!

OneDay Blog Image

OneDay allows you to hold onto these moments in time through video. Using a “story” with a list of up to 10 presorted questions, you can record your child’s answers and OneDay will stitch these answers together to create a fun, share able video for you to keep and watch with friends and family for…well, forever! Some topics are great for recording your child’s thoughts and personalities in the moment like “About Me,” “When I Grow Up,” and “Advice for Parents.” Other topics like “Tongue Twisters” just capture the sweetness of their age.

And just when you think you’re done with all the video prompts, they continue to add more including themed sets. The holidays are a great time to capture those memories and your child’s perspective on favorite family moments; especially with the new Thanksgiving “What Are You Thankful for?” and “Thanksgiving” story set! 

Here’s an example from one of our Dallas Moms Blog contributors: 

[xyz-ihs snippet=”One-Day”]

If you haven’t discovered the OneDay app yet for iPhone, now’s the time! The app is currently FREE on iTunes, but only for a limited time. (Android users, your time will come soon!) 

To find out more information about OneDay, visit their website at OneDay or visit them on Facebook


**Disclosure: The post was sponsored by OneDay. All opinions are 100% my own! 


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