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**This post has been sponsored by the National Soccer Hall of Fame to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

National Soccer Hall of FameI was not into sports as a kid.  I mean, of course we watched the Cowboys on Sundays after church.  And my Canadian father made sure I had a basic hockey education.  My childhood was built on piano lessons and French horn.  Who knew I’d fall asleep and wake up to ESPN as an adult?  You see, my soccer mom story started with a boy, who outside of work, lives and breathes and dies sports.  Now?  I love soccer.  When we found out the National Soccer Hall of Fame had moved to Frisco, we were beyond excited to visit.

My husband’s first job out of college was working as a corporate sales rep for DC United, the Major League Soccer team in Washington, DC.  We left our beloved families and hauled our stuff across the country for this team.  I’d never been to a soccer game before, but DC United had just won their 4th MLS Cup, and that’s where my husband wanted to be.  I didn’t know what a penalty kick was…but when I saw my first one, I knew something exciting was about to happen!  The fanaticism didn’t stop there.  My husband needed to find an English Premier Team to follow.  We picked up Blackburn Rovers, because the keeper was a US player.  And you can’t develop a love of soccer without also following the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams.

It’s safe to say, I know a lot more about soccer than I ever thought I would!  But it’s crossed my mind more than once, how can I help my child build his passion for a sport he loves?

Helping your child build their passion:

For our own little budding soccer star, we want to pass this love of soccer on to him.  He knows DC United, FC Dallas, and the US National Teams.  Saturday mornings  before his own soccer practice and Sunday afternoons are for soccer in our house.  So when we arrived to the National Soccer Hall of Fame and were greeted with the amazing scarf wall, he ran over and started pointing out all the teams he loves. Check and check!

Find ways to engage all his senses.  The National Soccer Hall of Fame combines the great history of the sport with modern technologies that follow you through the Hall.  The exhibits, with facial recognition technology, include virtual reality, gesture technology and interactive digital boards to celebrate the players, veterans and builders of American Soccer.

MOm, I love this Place.  It is so cool!

Teach him the history.  You’ll learn why we call it “soccer” in America and not “football”.  You’ll follow Lamar Hunt’s path to building and developing soccer in the US and Dallas.  If you grew up in Dallas, you’ll even walk down memory lane with the Dallas Tornado.  You can design your own scarf and kit, and even photo bomb iconic moments in soccer history!  (**Bonus tip: the Soccer 90 store attached to the National Soccer Hall of Fame will print your scarf for you!)

Celebrate the victories.  The National Soccer Hall of Fame is the first Hall of Fame to be built within a stadium.  As you enjoy an FC Dallas game from the Hall of Fame Club, you can also celebrate the US National Team wins in the trophy case.  Create your own trophy wall at home, a place for him to display his own awards and certificates!

For your own soccer stars, the National Soccer Hall of Fame is a perfect place to build your child’s passion!



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