Bringing In the Year Without New Year Resolutions


It is officially 2018, and for the last month I have enjoyed suffered through seeing the “New Year, New Me”, “Leave that in 2017” memes and posts flow up and down my timelines. As I was reflecting on 2017, I was trying to figure out “who” I wanted to be in 2018, and I realized, I’m okay with just continuing to be me and allowing life to take its course.

Why do we focus so much on changing ourselves with the New Year?

Are we limited on who we are, and how much we changed by the days of the year? It seems like the closer we get to end of the year, the more complacent we become with our bad habits. We allow ourselves to sit in our filth with the mindset that when the date changes to January 1st, there will be this “ah ha” moment that brings about new thought and revival, and everything in life will change. Unfortunately, this does not just happen.

The New Year is only one day away from the previous year. No major change, the day doesn’t last longer than the previous one, nothing changes except for the last number of the year. So why wait until 1.1.18 to change? Why not change on 10/26/17? Still have the same amount of time right? As a matter of fact, if you are trying to reach a goal in the next year, it gives you a little extra time. What’s so bad about me right now anyway? Has this year been so hard that I need a total overhaul? Trying to lose the 20 pounds I need to lose, well by January, I am already behind the power curve. Am I changing because I really want to change or because I feel this need to make a list of resolutions?

Here is my resolution, NO RESOLUTIONS!!

Now I am not the Resolution police. If you make one, I won’t talk about you, and I won’t stalk you to make sure you keep to them. I just want everyone to be okay with who they are and stop thinking that with the New Year you have to transform. Life will transform you in its own time and pace, why try to change the change-master?

All in all, just make this year your best year!! Change is ever-changing; don’t limit it to one day a year. Enjoy the fact that you made it, you survived, and you have a chance to change one more day!



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