Bookstores – The Hidden Gem


Back BB (Before Baby) one of my favorite things to do was grab a coffee and browse the aisles of a book store.  It didn’t matter which one, Barnes and Noble, Boarders (RIP), Half Price Books – I loved them all.  Sometimes I’d have a certain book in mind, sometimes I’d look at covers and pick one that looked good, and sometimes I’d just grab a magazine and sit and read for as long as I could.  Oh, to be young and carefree again!

Recently, a friend invited Miles and I to go play at the big Half Price Books on Northwest Highway near 75.  I don’t know why I hadn’t though of this sooner — books and coffee for me and the perfect kids section for Miles!  We were both in heaven!  If you haven’t been, the kids section there has the cutest little house, stairs and a ramp for the kids to play on, and tons of fun books for us to read.  The staff is so friendly!  And the most exciting part – they even allow dogs in the store!  I haven’t been brave enough to take our puppy yet (he’s just got too much energy) but the fact that I can if I want to  is so cool!

Once we found one book store, I figured – why not try them all!  So this week we headed to the Barnes & Noble in Addison.  I remembered this one specifically because of the awesome Thomas the Train table they have here — and it didn’t disappoint.  I was able to grab myself an iced coffee and a couple of books on baby sign language to peruse (we’re still working on communication here) and sit and let Miles play…

And play…

Fun at the Book Store


This kid was able to play here for over an hour.  In fact, I finally had to drag him away because it was time for his nap.

While I was there I talked to the very nice staff who told me about the awesome Storytime they have twice a week here at the Prestonwood Center location!  Tuesdays they have Storytime at 1:30 PM (it used to be at 10:30, but they changed it to accommodate for nap times for little ones).  And Saturdays they do Storytime at 10:30 AM.  I can’t wait to go back and try it.

Click here to search if the Barnes & Noble in your area has a Toys and Games center and if/when they have Storytime!  There are about 5 or 6 in the Metroplex that do, including the one at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco — theirs is on Thursdays at 11 AM, so if you are looking for something fun to do today head on over… we might even see you there!!


    • Hey Blair! Thanks for stopping by! One of our contributors, Heather, is in the same boat with the 4 kids under 5! Don’t know how y’all do it!! We are having our first Mom’s Night Out in a few weeks so keep checking the blog and our FB page for updates about that! 


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