Books, Crafts, Food, & Activities To Celebrate The Springtime


Springtime can be filled with sunny park days, enjoying picnics and swings and warm breezes. This season can also be filled with crazy storms, unexpected cold fronts, and let’s not forget about tornado season which can span from April to June! I feel like we really have to earn our beautiful spring flowers with some pretty crazy showers! Texas is just trying to keep us on our toes at all times. While springtime can feel short-lived in our city it is a great opportunity to talk to our littles about all of these exciting weather experiences, springtime holidays, and let’s not forget wildflowers! Here’s a handful of ideas to get in the springtime spirit with your little ones (the crafts will definitely come in handy on those unexpectedly wet days!)

Books to read:

  • Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert
    One of my all time favorite spring reads! Incorporating flowers, gardening, and rainbows. A perfect little springtime book to add to your personal library.
  • Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi
    This book is the perfect introduction to read before going on a backyard bug hunt with your littles.
  • Animals in Spring by Martha E.H. Rustad
    This book is a great introduction to nonfiction reading with fun and inviting photos of sweet spring animals (this book is one of three in a spring time series, you can also find a book about weather and plants).
  • Light Makes a Rainbow by Sharon Coan
    What exactly makes a rainbow? This book is a great explanation of the science of rainbows and includes some experiments that you can do with your kiddos at home.

Crafts to create: 

  • Ladybug Painted Garden Rocks
    After planting some spring seeds in your garden patch have your kiddos join in the fun of decorating their own space in the garden with these little critters!
  • Chromatography Butterflies
    This would be a craft/experiment intended for older kiddos and would make for a fun rainy day experience.
  • Rainbow Craft with Pipe cleaner chains
    This craft is a fantastic follow-up to a rainbow book read aloud. I love the fine motor skills at work making the pipe cleaner chains.
  • Rainbow sky sensory bottle
    Instead of sprinkles for the bottle, you could also fill it with blue pebbles used to fill a fish tank!

Things to do: 

  • Create a family garden!
    Set up a space in your yard and get to planting! Make a special family trip to your local nursery or gardening center and pick out an array of vegetables and flowers to grow together. I love this post by Jessica for DMB on tips for Texas gardening specifically!
  • Make a bucket list of local parks
    Plan to visit a different park weekly and after you’re done playing talk about what you liked. What made that park unique and whether or not you would go back again. This is a great way to explore local neighborhoods!
  • Play in the rain!
    Springtime is one of the rainiest times in Texas right? So instead of being inside all day make a point to put on your rain boots, grab an umbrella (for mom at least!) and go play in some puddles! I love this idea for rain painting – such a fun way to mix weather and a sensory art experience!

Food to eat:

Towards the end of winter, I find myself in a dinnertime rut so I take advantage of all of the fresh, beautiful produce available come spring! Here are a handful of recipes I intend to try this spring:

Holidays to celebrate:

  • Mardi Gras – Tuesday, March 5, 2019
    Even though we don’t live in New Orleans we still like to get in the carnival spirit! Make a king cake, wear some beads, and spread the joy.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Sunday, March 17, 2019
    I wrote a post for DMB this time last year with some resources for celebrating St. Patrick’s day with littles at home!
  • Easter – Sunday, April 21, 2019
    The Dallas Moms Blog annual Easter Egg hunt is coming up! Be sure to get your tickets for an event the whole family will enjoy.
  • Earth Day – Monday, April 22, 2019
    The EarthX Expo in Fair Park runs from April 26th-28th and has plenty of vendors, activities, and fun for all ages.


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