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Baby number two’s arrival is only a few short months away, and while I’m doing all I can to prepare for delivery and packing hospital bags, we’re also thinking about ways to help dad prepare for his second hospital delivery.  Our first time around, my husband was so focused on caring for me and baby, he found himself on the floor in the hospital bathroom dehydrated and fighting a migraine.  We are going to do our best to make sure dad is more prepared for this delivery.

Whether it’s your first baby or third, here are tips for dads for your hospital delivery!

  1. Pack a bag!  Dad will need his own hospital bag!  Don’t forget PJs, toiletries, clothes, books or an iPad to keep entertained during downtime in recovery.  If he forgets a few things, hopefully you’re not too far from home that he can’t run home if he needs, but it will be much easier to keep things close.
  2. Wear supportive shoes.  I’m not quite sure what my sweet husband was thinking when he put on his Adidas indoor soccer shoes to head to the hospital at 2 AM, but his feet did not last long.  By the time baby finally made his debut 19 hours later, my handsome man barely had feet to stand on!
  3. Drink water.  Mostly, everyone in the delivery room will be focused on mom.  When dad needs water, he’ll probably be offered a small Styrofoam cup.  Helpful for a moment, but not enough to keep you hydrated.  Bring a refillable water bottle, or even break down and bring a few liters of water just for dad to make it through delivery.
  4. Don’t forget to eat!  There are plenty of food delivery services to be able to eat timely meals.  If it looks like you’re in for the long haul, call a friend to bring you a meal.  But be considerate…make sure your wife will be able to stand your breath after you’ve eaten (or brush your teeth right after you eat!).  Her sense of smell is still keen!  Pack a few snacks to keep your stomach full!
  5. Don’t be afraid to sleep at home.  First, if contractions get started at night, but are still spaced far apart, go ahead and crawl in bed.  Mom will need you rested to help her when things get going.  After baby is born, think about heading home for the night for some shut eye.  For real.  The “bed” in the recovery room for mom’s support person may not be what you are used to sleeping on at home.  And mom is going to need you to be ready to help once everyone is back home.  It won’t do anyone any good if you have a back ache because you didn’t sleep well.  If your wife is in a good place with her recovery, head on on home to sleep in your own bed.  Or make sure to pack your pillows!

Tell us your tips!  What ways does your husband prepare for your hospital delivery?

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