Best of Pinterest (Last-Minute) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


the best Mothers Day gift ideas on PinterestI’ve got to hand it to some of you creative geniuses – you never cease to amaze me!

A friend posted a link to an awesome, creative, unique Mother’s Day gift idea. One so great — you wish you’d have thought of it (and you *must* send it to your partner because it’s that good). Which, of course, got me scouring Pinterest for all the other creative/genius ideas for Mother’s Day. And man, are there some good ones!

In case you don’t have time to search through the hundreds of Pins for some of the best ones (and in case your SO needs some last-minute ideas) here is a list of my favorite Mother’s Day Pins:

Mother’s Day Journal
Instead of buying card after card, dad is encouraged to purchase one (beautiful journal) and spend year after year filling it with pictures and messages from him and your little ones. Cards are so expensive and often get thrown away. But how fantastic will it be to have one journal as a keepsake to read through every year?! Definitely my favorite idea and a must-have gift! Since I love to find discount journals at Half Price Books, I probably even have one sitting around collecting dust for the occasion! (In case you do not, Amazon can send you a pretty one in 2 days!)

Mother’s Day Questionnaire
This link goes to printable questionnaires for kids to answer fun questions about Mom and/or Grandma, which always turns into the most adorable interview activity ever.
Bonus: If your kids are too young to write, dad can help them fill these out and add it to your Mother’s Day Journal!!

Breakfast in Bed
Yes, please! I love this cute printable for “ordering” breakfast in bed. And kids will love helping fill it out and prepare the yummy and fun breakfast!

Mother’s Day Coupons
Nothing says last-minute like some free coupons! But you will not be complaining when you cash these in for that foot massage or you get your free hug!!

“Love You Mom” Picture
Mothers Day Gift IdeaIf you have a little more time, I’ve always thought this was a super cute idea.  Pick up some letters at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, spray paint them a fun color (or keep them neutral) and snap some adorable pictures of your kid or kiddos holding them up. To make it even more fun and simple — make a project out of it like contributor Becky’s kids did! Any mom would swoon if you print it up and frame it!

Amazon Gift Guide
And, of course, as long as you have 2 days for Amazon Prime shipping, their gift guide has never done me wrong. If I just can’t think of an idea, if I’m out of inspiration, it never fails.

Whatever you decide to do, Dallas Moms hopes you have a Happy Mother’s Day full of  cuddles and kisses from your babies – big and small!

Need a Mother’s Day activity to go with one of these cute gift ideas? Check out our post on the {Top 5} 2021 Mother’s Day Activities & the Best Brunch Spots in Dallas.



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