The Best Audiobooks for a Road Trip with Kids


Best Audiobooks for Road Trips with Kids - Megan Harney for Dallas Moms BlogReady or not, summer has arrived! With long days and popsicles by the pool comes my favorite (and least favorite) part of the summer – road trips. I love going on vacation and seeing family across the country, but I do not look forward to being stuck in a car for 12+ hours with two kids. I have discovered that most people who live in Dallas aren’t originally from here, so I know we’re not the only ones driving long distances to see family. One thing that makes our long road trips so much more enjoyable is audiobooks.

Here are some of the BEST audiobooks for a road trip with kids:

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter audiobooks, read by Jim Dale, are truly magical. Whether or not you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will be whisked away by the fantastic storytelling and gripping narration. In fact, Jim Dale won two Grammy Awards for his work narrating the series and holds a Guinness World Record for creating 146 voices in one book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Older kids will love the whole series, but even younger kids can enjoy listening to the first few books. 

Tom Sawyer

The tales of boyhood along the Mississippi featuring the mischievous Tom Sawyer and the carefree Huckleberry Finn will enchant your kids. The narration by Nick Offerman (of Parks and Rec fame) will have you laughing out loud and falling in love with this classic all over again. You may also want to check out Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which is read by Elijah Wood.

Peter Pan

You may have already caught onto my love of narrator Jim Dale, and he is just as magical reading Peter Pan. This book is so much more than the movie lets on. Your whole family will enjoy this tale of mermaids, Indian princesses, pirates, and of course Peter Pan, himself.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle was a dear friend throughout my childhood. She lives in an upside down house and smells like cookies. She can cure almost anything including a little girl who doesn’t want to go to bed and kids who have a rainy day case of “waddle-I-do’s”.

The Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon

This story of a young boy who runs away to rescue a baby dragon has captured audiences for generations. This set of three audiobooks is the perfect addition to a road trip.

Anne of Green Gables

Narrated by Rachel McAdams, this classic tale of a spunky redheaded girl still has the spark you remember from reading it when you were a girl.

Pride and Prejudice

Finally, if you’ve reached the breaking point of your road trip and you’ve turned on a movie for the kids, enjoy Pride and Prejudice narrated by Rosamund Pike (who played Jane in the 2005 movie). Of course it’s a classic tale of crazy families and budding romance. I love that even if the kids tune in for a bit, there’s nothing in the content I would be embarrassed for them to overhear. 

I hope this list of the best audiobooks for a road trip with kids will serve you well this summer. If there are any other audiobooks you and your kiddos enjoy listening to, share them in the comments below!


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