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**This post is sponsored by Kazzam by Party City to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**
Kazzam by Party City

When I was growing up, my mom was the ultimate hostess with the mostest. She loved hosting parties, cooking up a storm, planning fun entertainment, and preparing for days! But when the time came for the actual party, I always felt like she never got to enjoy the fruits of her labor because she was so busy executing and couldn’t take a moment to sit down to enjoy the work she had done. Fast forward to today… I would rather skip celebrating holidays and birthdays because of all the work I know that goes into a party, and I just don’t feel up to the task. In an effort to not ruin my child’s entire childhood by never celebrating his birthday, I found the ultimate solution – Kazzam! by Party City

Kazzam by Party City is the new, easy way to book party activities, food & treats, entertainers, decor, and more – all at the best available price! All you have to do is click what you want, and enjoy the party! Kazzam takes care of everything! (I mean… EVERYTHING!!!) Whether it’s princesses, cupcakes, and a bounce house, or magicians, cotton candy, and a water slide – it’s a piece of cake. Show your friends and family you love them by enjoying the party WITH them, and let Kazzam do the rest!

I do have pipe dreams of being the most envied hostess and party thrower among my group of friends and neighbors, but I also know myself and know that when it comes to execution of big ideas, I will likely just give up and order a pizza and call it a day. (Best laid plans, people!) But now, I know that I can have my Pinterest-worthy dream party by using my single mouse-clicking finger in my nice little desk chair from the comfort of my own home. Here is how I plan to use Kazaam to kick my next party up a notch:


In my life, this is the foundation of our parties. Is it even a party without great food? After I choose a date, I immediately lay out a menu, but now Kazaam can help with all of that. You never need to figure out catering options or a do-it-yourself grocery list and meal prep plan (I JUST GOT A CHILL DOWN MY SPINE!)  They can do it all – birthday cakes, cupcakes, appetizers, pizza, hot dog carts, etc. They can even bring awesome novelty items like Popcorn and Cotton Candy machines! 

**Not just for kid parties – Kazzam can take your Adult party to the next level with Food Trucks and Full Bar setup


This can be the real *WOW* factor! My mom used to coordinate these fun relay races for our birthday parties, but kids these days need a little more to knock their socks off. What about a bounce house, water slide, ball pits, pony rides, or even a dunk tank? I wouldn’t even consider most of these ideas for the sheer fact that I would have to research how to book them and compare prices around town. Never again – Kazzam does all of the background work for you so that you are getting the most epic activities for the best prices! 

**Not just for kid parties – Kazzam can take your Adult party to the next level with Laser Tag Battles, organized sports, and game nights


Never let your guests have a chance to be bored! Let Kazzam bring the talent – face painters, Character Actors, magicians, balloon artists, or anything in between. Things that you think would only be available at the fair or a carnival can be the entertainment at your next party! Your guests will never forget the experience of having awesome entertainment at  your party (and will think you did SO MUCH WORK in booking them – nope!)

**Not just for kid parties – Kazzam can take your Adult party to the next level with a DJ or live band – you’ll definitely be the go-to house for parties!


This is the cherry on top of your party planning checklist – Party City provides much of the decor when booking everything through Kazaam. Try balloon sculptures or whimsical displays, but don’t forget tables, chairs and tents. Better yet – Kazzam will coordinate the setup and clean up – HALLELUJAH!!

*Not just for kid parties – Kazzam can take your Adult party to the next level with smoke machines, lighting displays, and more!

I can’t wait to book EVERYTHING for my next party through Kazzam by Party City so I can honestly enjoy my guests and engage with my loved ones around me. Kazzam will not only help me throw an epic party, but ultimately their help will create more interaction, more memories, and more love! Sure, they make it easy, but they make it easy so you, as the hostess, can show your love to those around  you!



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