How I Became Pretty Much BFF with Giada {A Ticket Giveaway}

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Since I had a newborn when none of my friends had birthed babies yet, I spent the majority of 2009 cuddling with my boppy pillow and watching Food Network episodes on repeat. This was a win-lose, as I learned a lot about cooking, but did not learn a significant amount about how to lose baby weight, which I found to be a highly overrated anyhow.

This daily routine of watching and cooking and eating and repeating is how my friend Giada De Laurentiis and I first met five years ago. I was just drawn in by her magnetic smile and friendly demeanor on her show Everyday Italian. She was always on time, she arrived with a smile, and she wasn’t there to judge me for being in my jammies at 4:30 in the afternoon — she just wanted to hang out and make some biscotti. BFF

I don’t get to see my girl Giada as much as I did in 2009, which is why I am SO thrilled about our night out on November 13th. We are going to the Majestic Theatre where she will share onstage her inspiration for her new cookbook, Happy Cooking! I could NOT be more proud! I can’t wait for the Q&A afterward, when I might get the opportunity to actually speak to my old friend. I hope you’ll join us! 10676354_760749050717568_434723350077788105_n

Williams-Sonoma presents Giada De Laurentiis “Happy Cooking” Tour

GIADA DE LAURENTIIS is the Emmy Award-winning star of Food Network’s Everyday Italian, Giada at Home, and Giada in Paradise; a judge on Food Network Star; a contributing correspondent for NBC’s Today Show; Editor in Chief of Giada Weekly, a weekly digital magazine, and the author of seven New York Times bestselling books. Her newest cookbook, Happy Cooking, is one of the most highly anticipated cookbooks of the year! See Giada live at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas, Texas on Friday, Nov. 13th at 8:00 pm.

Tickets start at $30 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. You’ll find the latest news and information on the Facebook Event page and their website

A Ticket Giveaway!

We’re excited to give away TWO TICKETS to the Giada De Laurentiis “Happy Cooking” Tour courtesy of Williams-Sonoma. To enter, simply use the giveaway form below and 1 winner will be selected on Sunday, November 8th. Good Luck! 

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