Beat the Heat with Cool Summer Treats and Activities


The kids are out of school and summer is upon us here in Texas.  Parents all around the metroplex are trying to find a good balance between keeping kids occupied and cool in the summer heat!  Well, look no further for beat the heat summer fun ideas! I have a jam-packed list of fun activities that will entertain the kids, so nobody loses their cool!

Beat the Heat with these Cool Treats

Frozen Treats

  • Yogurt Chilled Fruit: Grab your favorite fruits and dip them in yogurt.  Place them in the freezer overnight for a healthier chilly treat!

Water Balloon Games

  • Grab this Rapid Refill Water Balloon kit from Amazon and Cool off with a classic water balloon fight or try these fun games to put a spin on this age-old activity.
  • Duck, Duck, SPLASH! It’s Duck, Duck, Goose with a twist! The goose gets a water balloon to splash on the next goose’s head!
  • Cold Potato: Just like the traditional Hot Potato game, except whoever drops the water balloon gets a cold splash when they are out!
  • Water Balloon Pinata: I love this idea! Have the kids take turns swinging at hanging water balloons just like they would a pinata!
  • Sight Word Splash: Write your child’s sight words in chalk.  Give them a bucket full of water balloons and have them splash each world as you call them out.
  • Water Balloon Catch: Grab some small laundry baskets and a ton of water balloons. Divide the family into 2 teams.  Toss out water balloons for each team to catch in their basket. In the end, whichever team catches the most un-popped balloons wins!
  • Water Balloon Art: Fill the water balloons with food coloring and water and hang some butcher paper along the fence or tape it down to the ground.  Have the kids pop the balloons onto the paper to create some beautiful artwork.

Sno 2 Throw

Did you know that Bahama Bucks sells Snowballs?  Yes really! Call your local Bahama Bucks and order some for a fun Summer Snowball Fight in your own backyard!

Water Sensory Bins

Check out this amazing list of water sensory bins for the younger kids to beat the summer heat!

Water Chores

Take the chores outside! Set up a car, bike, or toy washing station with some soapy water and sponges! While you’re at wash the kids!

What are your favorite cool ways to beat the heat this summer?


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