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electricityplans.comIf you are anything like me, the bulk of the home responsibilities fall on your shoulders. I am not going to know what to do if a sprinkler head is broken and water is gushing everywhere, but I am going to know what bills we have coming due and what money leaves our account each month. I like to think of myself as the CEO of our family, and many major things fall under my umbrella of responsibility. 

We moved recently, and I had to be in full family CEO mindset. We moved to a new development, and with that came many hiccups in setting up utilities. I was so overwhelmed that I had to almost give up at some point. Until I heard about And just an early spoiler alert here – IT IS FREE!

“Okay, I heard free… what is it?” helps you find the best electricity plan to fit your needs. Long gone are the days where you would just use one electricity company forever and never change it. And if you don’t pay attention to your electricity plan contract, you can end up paying a lot of money. Being the best CEO for your family means making smart, informed decisions, and that all starts with using 

They help consumers make sense of various electricity plans out there. The site was founded by two “regular people”, a CPA and an IT professional, who felt there had to be an easier way to compare plans than the existing resources they had come across. They review the details of the plan, identify who would benefit from each plan, and provide consumers with full details. The take on the task of reading the fine print so consumers like us don’t have to.

“Yeah, but how does it work?”

I like to know exactly what I am getting into, so I appreciate this question. Consumers can select from different product terms. You can also select from different product types like free nights, fixed price, 100% renewable, pre-paid plans, etc. In their product details and pricing section, ElectricityPlans will identify if the product is the best for a specific usage level. 

Still sounds like too much work? They make it even easier! If you need some more help, you can send in a copy of your bill and what you are looking for, and recommend a plan that best suits your needs. They call this service PlanScan, and you can find it under (“Help me Choose” on the website.)

According to their website, “We simplify the process of selecting an electricity plan. We feature the best plans from the most reputable electricity providers. And we explain them in an easy to understand shopping experience.”


“Hmmm… maybe this is something I should do when I move.”

Not just when you move! Did you know that summer is a big shopping period for more reasons than just moving?

  • First, yes it is a big season for moving – 80% of moves happen between April and September. When customers move, it’s an opportunity to re-shop for basics like electricity. This was me.
  • But, a large number of electricity contracts actually expire in the summer months. This could stem from a previous summer move — contracts that were in place for 12 months are now expiring. gives great advice on what actions to take BEFORE your current plan expires
  • Are you paying attention to your plan if it has been in place for a while? If you are anything like I used to be, it is a “set it and forget it thing.” If you haven’t paid attention to your electricity contract, you are likely on a month to month variable rate. The big usage months (NOW) combined with a higher variable rate means a very high bill. TIME TO SHOP IT OUT!

Significant savings could be on your way! Be the best family CEO, and visit today.



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