Shanna is wife to Brandon and mom to twins Brooks and Charlotte (March 2010). She works full time in the accounting department for a large financial services company and is still working on finding the balance between being a mom, wife, working professional, daughter, and friend. For the past three years, her “hobby” has been studying to get her Masters degree in accounting and now studying for the CPA exam. In her previous life she was a marathon runner and still enjoys running for her only alone time. She loves college football and can be found cheering on the SMU Mustangs at every home game.
maternity leave

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Returning to work already? Chances are you just got comfortable with your daily routine with your little one when you realize it’s time to return to work and learn an entirely different schedule. The emotions...

Toddler Sleep Habits: Parental Disagreements

Last month’s sleep discussion sparked a conversation between my husband and I on the current sleep situation in our house. We somehow, suddenly have three year olds, and sleep patterns and habits are changing....

Advocare for Busy Moms + Giveaway

Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with Advocare Independent Distributor Christina York as part of our "Shop Local. Support Moms" campaign and to provide more information on how Advocare can be beneficial to moms--both physically...

Five Tips to Survive Cabin Fever

Symptoms of cabin fever include: restlessness, irritability, boredom. hopelessness, impatience, anxiety, and intolerance. If you live in Dallas (or surrounding areas) and did not experience these emotions over the last few days, then you...

Family Fun – Dallas City Lights

One of our new favorite holiday traditions is attending the annual lighting of downtown Dallas, known as City Lights! This fantastic free event kicks off the holiday season downtown and ranks at the top...

Mommy Makeovers: Is Surgery Selfish?

Having an elective surgery is a personal decision with a very public opinion, especially for mothers. I made the decision to have a breast reduction based on some medical reasons, but also based largely on...

Family Fun – SMU Gameday

It is obvious that Dallas is a sports town with the Mavericks, Stars, Rangers, and the Cowboys, but there is another local team that you may be missing out on even though the home games...

Surviving Your Toddler’s Tonsillectomy

My three year-old little girl just had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (T&A). When I first received the recommendation, I took to Google and read some very harrowing stories about the recovery period that had me...

Marriage Fears

My husband and I have been married close to nine years. I would say we have a healthy and happy marriage. We work really well as a team, we know how to communicate and know...

Can Kids Really be Potty Trained in 3 Days?

The short answer is Yes, but let me explain a little because it is far from easy. As my twins were approaching their third birthday, the day care teacher had asked me to start bringing...

Family Fun – Frisco RoughRiders

My husband and I love sports…especially our hometown Dallas teams that we have followed through good and bad times for 30ish years. We are definitely passing down our enthusiasm to our children. We had been...

Five Fantastic Birthday Parties

We have had the pleasure of attending some really great birthday parties over the last few years. While there are many great places in and around Dallas to host a fun toddler birthday party,...