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A Day In The Dallas Life With MOX Shoes

This post has been sponsored by Mox Shoes and City Moms Blog Network. All opinions are 100% our own! Also, don’t miss their special offer for a 10% discount (with code DALLAS10) at the end of...

Keepsakes & Friendship Books for Graduating Preschoolers

For having just turned 5, my son has already had to say ‘goodbye’ to many different friends from around the world. We moved to Texas from Germany last year, and he had already graduated...

Teaching Children How to Celebrate Easter & Passover in Dallas

My kids probably won’t be devouring any chocolate Easter eggs after the hunt this year. It’s not because they are lactose intolerant. It’s not because I’m the "all-natural", no sugars added mom (although I’d...

How to Make Mom Friends in Dallas

If only it were as easy as “Hey, how YOU doin’?” - but alas, Joey’s famous pickup line from “Friends” isn’t as easy to use when the person I’d like to pick up is...