Mary-Emily Boedeker


Let’s Slow Down This Summer (A Simple Bucket List)

Summer is here. We are IN IT. As the mother of a two-year-old, I’m excited that my daughter’s at an age where she can take part in some fun summer-y activities. I don’t know...

5 Tips for a Happy Family Beach Vacation

It’s almost summertime! For many families in DFW, that means hitting the road and heading toward a favorite sandy destination. This year, for us, that’s Florida! By the time this is published, I’ll be...

Why We Traveled Overseas With Our One-Year-Old (and Would Do it Again)

“You’re going to Europe and taking the kid with you? …Why?” “You guys are, like, crazy!” “She won’t remember a trip until she’s older.” These are some of the reactions we got when we said we were...

Becoming a Mother After Losing Your Own

“You might change your mind,” my mom would tell me, when my younger self thought I didn’t want to have kids. She was so right, as mothers tend to be. She passed away almost...