Meagan Parks

Meagan Parks
Meagan is a born and raised Texan who found her way to Dallas after growing up outside city limits off a little red dirt road. While attending SMU, earning a master’s degree in counseling, Meagan met her husband, James, and sealed her fate as a city girl. She is a mom of two wildly hilarious and adorable toddlers, Eloise and Bennett. Meagan owns a Dallas-based private practice, Navy & Dot, where she is a practicing clinician focusing on supporting children, teens and young adult women with disordered eating, eating disorders and grief and loss. Meagan aspires to educate families on making space for play, while helping families find new rhythms and routines that bring simplicity and joy back into sometimes rushed and busy lifestyles. Meagan is an active member of the Junior League of Dallas, and loves trying new restaurants in search of the best chips and salsa.

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