Leslie Bartula

Leslie is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she met her husband, Matt. After living in Chicago (and its suburbs) for 10 years, they relocated to DFW and have lived in Richardson since 2016. She is a stay-at-home mama to two boys (May 2014 and February 2016), one girl (July 2018), and a crazy pup. She spends her free time running, reading, cooking, and adding projects to her home improvement list. You can catch her with a cup of coffee in her hands (or being reheated in her microwave) all day long.

5 Ways I’m Simplifying Our Halloween

I love doing holidays with my kids. I think it’s one of the best parts of being a mom. We decorate, do crafts, bake seasonal treats, and throw parties. Halloween is one of my...
Happy kids at YMCA Afterschool in DFW

The Amazing Benefits of YMCA Afterschool

As moms, we want what’s best for our kids all the time. When we can’t be with them, we want to make sure they are receiving the best possible care from the most qualified...

9 Best Foods for Watching Football at Home

While it might not feel like fall yet in DFW, there are certainly signs that it’s on its way. There are pumpkins and apples in the store, Halloween costumes in the aisles of Target,...
Mom Breastfeeding

5 Ways to Make Breastfeeding a {Little Easier}

Before my first son was born, I planned to breastfeed him. I certainly didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare, so I did what every (elder) millennial does, and I researched on...

Mom Hacks :: How to Organize Your Car

Things are starting to return to normal and we’re all spending more time in our cars. The car is one place that can easily and quickly get out of hand with clutter. Here are...

lil’gourmets: A Fresh Take on Healthy Baby Food (That’s Actually Delicious!)

I don't know about you but in my house, it can be a struggle to get my kids to eat their veggies. I’m often looking for new ideas and creative ways to pack more...

{microblog} This Summer I’m Embracing My (Pregnant) Mom Bod

This summer I’m embracing my mom bod. This mom bod carried and birthed three children, then fed them for a combined 50 months. This mom bad is halfway through carrying one more baby. This...

What’s in My Pool Bag this Summer?

This post contains affiliate links. The swimming pool has opened here in Dallas, and I, for one, could not be more ready! We don’t have a pool at home, but my kids and I all...

Texas Travel :: Breweries

Back in our pre-kid days, my husband and I spent a lot of weekends at craft breweries. We lived in Chicago at the time, and it seemed like a new brewery was always opening....

THIS is Your Summer to Shine :: The Westwood School

Alright, Mamas, summer is quickly approaching! Do you have your summer plans in place yet, or are you just getting started? There is good news this year. If you are looking for a camp...

Crafting with Kids :: Nature Weaving

If you can get over the sneeze factor (Hello, high pollen alerts every day!), now is the perfect time to take in the natural beauty of North Texas. The wildflowers are blooming, the sun...

{microblog} My Favorite Moment of the Year (so far)

In the moment, I certainly would not have qualified it as a favorite. We were cold. Really cold. And a little scared (at least I was). The power had been out for at least...