Krystal Hurst

Krystal is a Dallas-native who began her career as a fourth grade teacher in Richardson RISD, but quickly changed paths to became a stay-at-home mom in 2011. Through a happy coincidence, she stumbled upon (what was then known as) Dallas Moms Blog in 2012 and found a community she’d been looking for since coming a mom. Shortly after joining the team, she gratefully accepted the “baton” passed to her as new owner of the site, and took off with it running full speed! Krystal not only helped to grow Dallas Moms into a large parenting resource, but also launched Collin County Moms in 2016; providing those in the north Dallas suburbs their community resource platform. While building a community, uniting the moms, and growing a business around this passion was a dream come true, after almost 10 years, Krystal officially stepped down as owner, and is now focusing on raising her 4 boys with her husband, Tim, and rediscovering old hobbies.
Husband with Baby

Contributor Confessions I Our Better Halves

As moms, we tend to get a lot most of the credit for how our children are raised. If a child can read at a remarkable age, it's usually the mom who's praised for spending...

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