Kristy Howard

Unless she's lost in a pile of books (or laundry), you'll likely find Kristy over-thinking, chauffeuring her kids somewhere, or brainstorming at one of her lifestyle blogs: Simply Kristy Lynn or The Honest Pastor's Wife. Kristy has been married to her husband, Jeremy, for 20+ years. She's an army mom, a theatre mom, a boy mom, a dog mom, and a huge introvert. As an "old soul" in a modern world, Kristy ponders (and writes) often about vintage-inspired style, wellness, motherhood, culture trends, and whatever she's reading at the moment.
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5 Things Your Highly Introverted Friend Probably Wants You To Know

We like people (well, most people). What we don't like is limelight, pressure to be someone we're not, or feeling overlooked.