Kristi Walters

Kristi was born and raised in Dallas, is a blogger, storyteller, and really nice person most of the time. She was married to David, a Dallas firefighter/paramedic, for 19 years, is recently widowed at way too young an age, and is mom to 3 boys - Ethan (18), Chris (17) and Sam (15), and thinks she won the lottery of life in that deal. Kristi writes about family, faith, and things like that unfortunate home perm incident at Kristi
Fitness goals

Realistic Fitness Goals for the New Year

I've been in the fitness business as long as I can remember; but if I tell you an exact number, everyone will start doing the math and figure out my age. I may as...
cheerful giver

Teaching a Child to be a Cheerful Giver

Teaching a child to be a cheerful giver is something that I've still not gotten the hang of, though I've had plenty of time to practice. I used to think that I could teach...
cotillion class

Why All My Kids Attended Cotillion Class

Moms, I wanted to talk to you about Cotillion class since I remember it being around this time of year, or maybe even early winter, when I registered my kids for their cotillion classes. ...
I'm spoiling my kids

Mom Confessions :: When I Realized I’ve {Spoiled} My Kids

Once upon a time, there was a mom at a flag football game who made me completely bananas. Bonkers bananas. She was the one that yelled so much, and so loud, and was so over...
Prioritizing family time

A Few Well-Placed No’s

  Here's the latest pic of kids 1-3, though they might actually die from parental humiliation if they see that I shared this.  But it won't be the first "death by mom" - as they seem to...
summer with teenagers

Eighteen Summers to Enjoy Our Kids? Not With Teenagers!

Whoever it was that so lovingly reminded us that we only have 18 summers to enjoy our kids.... obviously didn't have teenagers.  18 summers?  Seriously, I'm at summer number 17 with my oldest and its...

We Have a New Driver in the Family and His Name is Kid 1

There's a new driver in the family and his name is Kid 1. He's had his learner's permit for quite some time but just hasn't felt the need to get it all done till...

Unique Finds: A Spotlight On A Few Lovely Locals

I was at the Earth Day event at Fair Park a few weeks ago and ran across my kind of shopping - booths of all creative sorts, some so directly interesting to moms that...

I Want My Little Kids Back. Please.

I dreamed that I had been kidnapped by an oddly kind, yet manipulative community of people that lived on a farm.  And that I was going to have to live in some sort of...

What to Teach our Kids about Stranger Danger

Okay Moms. Going about my business about the town I've seen a whole lot of stranger danger going on with the littles among us. And you know how I recognize it? Because my kids...

Yes, They Are Listening… Lessons in Kindness

Y'all.  This isn't a post about the millions of amazing things I've done right.  It's really more of a post about all the years I've waited to see the results of things I hoped...

Teen Dating :: Buckle Your Seatbelts, It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Ride

It's not too early to start preparing your child  - and yourself - for teen dating.  I know that sounds totally crazy when your kid is in a stroller, but y'all, I thought it...