Kelly Counts

Kelly is a Texas transplant who has been living in Dallas the last 2 years. She is a mother of three with one on the way and a homeschooler. In her proliferous free time she reads, runs, (w)rites and cooks.

7 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

We're all moms here, right? And for moms, there's nothing quite like talk of diapers and poopy to chill our hearts, sadden them occasionally, or bring us to new heights of joy when we're...
Free-Range Parenting

Adventures in Free-Range Parenting

The first time my husband forwarded an article about free-range parenting to me, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  Hmmm….I was a fan of free-range chickens, so raising our children in the same...

Dear Children: I’m Thankful for You

I'm a big believer in gratitude. From the Gratitude app I keep on my phone to document everyday random things I'm grateful for, to taking the time to be thankful when I'm stressed beyond belief...

7 Ways Plano is Cooler Than You Think

Plano gets a bad rep. Nestled right between Dallas and Frisco the city of Plano is often deemed too uncool for Dallas and not nearly as "up and coming" as Frisco. Since moving to...

Skipping the Fads: In Defense of Personalized Parenting

Every time I see a new parenting phenomenon I'm a wee bit skeptical. Headlines tell you to push your children and be a "Tiger Mom," or to let your children raise themselves in extreme "Free Range...

Why I’m Not Saving for My Child’s College

Are you ready to be horrified? . . . I don't necessarily want my kids to go to college. There, I said it (or wrote it). It's not that I don't hope that my kids make lots...

5 Ways to Keep Summer Educational and Fun

Summer in Dallas is the best, with something to do almost every day of the week. Sunny skies (usually), museums, play areas, and days filled with swimming and children trying to stay up until...

Confession: Dear Mom of One Child, I’m Sorry For Judging You

I have four kids. Voluntarily. Having four children moved us from some sort of sphere where people with one, two, or even three children consider you to have gone from "normal" to Duggar*. It...

5 Ways Being a Mom is Like Being a Rock Star

1. You have a posse. Your posse may be big or your posse may be small, but regardless of its size you definitely have a posse. You are surrounded almost all the time by people who...

The Top 3 Easter Pitfalls to Avoid

Spring is a magical time of year, isn't it? The Dallas Arboretum is in full bloom, the gloom of winter will have left Dallas, and oh yeah - Easter! And of course, we all...

The Day I Became a Mother with Hearing Aids

Once upon a time a 35 year old mother wrote about not wearing makeup and trying to become a less vain person. She wrote about teaching her daughters to value their inner beauty. And then,...

4 Things It’s Okay To Do As a Mom

It was a beautiful fall Dallas day. A blue, puffy-cloud sky and t-shirt with jeans kind of day. I had parked my car in front of a Sally Beauty Supply and was checking out...