Jessica McGahee

Jessica and her husband are Georgia transplants, but after living in Dallas for six years (and having one child officially born a Texan!), they are happy to call Lake Highlands home. They have three children (with three wildly different personalities) ages 5, 7, and 9, and one oversized shaggy dog. Jessica loves to write and laugh through parenthood in equal measure - she led a MOPS group in East Dallas for several years and now shares the small victories and big struggles of parenthood on her blog at .
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What Hobbies? Rediscovering Your {Own Interests} After Kids

“What do you do for fun?” A tired mom's first response: “For what now?” Her second: “Well, I used to…” We gain an amazing new world when we become moms, but that big identity naturally squeezes out...
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Baby and Toddler Mamas :: Give Yourself {Grace} This Holiday

Pssst, mamas with strollers: over here. Past the “best” Santa for photos, and the coordinated ornaments, and sleigh rides, and cookie exchanges. Over here, near the baby changing table. I want to tell you something....
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What Exactly *is* Type 1 Diabetes? A Quick Guide for Friends of T1 Kids

More than 200,000 kids and teens in the U.S.* are waking up today and acting as their own pancreas. As kids with Type 1 diabetes, they don’t really have a choice. If you don’t have a...

Three Easy Ways to Keep Phone Use in Check

Hi there, mama, from my phone to yours. I’m sure you don’t need me to recap how smartphones are both a blessing and a curse for parents, and how most of us run a daily...
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Excuse Me, Your Mothering is Showing

The last soccer game of the season was a doozy. My daughter's (adorably) scrappy team of 6-year-olds were out-numbered, out-sized, and out-played. They held on until the bitter end to earn those post-game high-fives...

Late Summer is a (Hot) Mess

Sweaty? Annoyed? Daydreaming of locking yourself in a bathroom with only a milkshake for company? Perfect, you've arrived. Welcome to late summer, the no-man's-land of parenting. The early summer days of plans, energy, and optimism (and...
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The Day I Stopped Yelling at My Kids

*Record scratch* OK, let me be more realistic with that title: The day I stopped yelling at my kids AS MUCH.  Because there was a specific day, and a specific moment that changed me.  First, can we...

3 Dallas Library Must-Knows for Moms of Little Ones

Scene: You and your child are at a bookstore/book fair. The bright book display looks magical and your kid wants, I don't know, ALL OF THEM for a grand total of about a million dollars, give...

Your Mother-in-law Wants You to Read This

As far as I know, there are two ends of the spectrum with in-laws: The Unicorn  -- that miraculous relationship where a woman and her in-laws are seamlessly co-annexed into each other's family; everyone just hugs all the...
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No Shame in the Yoga Pants Game

As I corralled my children through the crowded halls of our school's open house last week, I noticed a difference between me and many of the parents I squeezed past: They were dressed up...