Jenny Bradford

Jenny is a wife to Christian and mother of Little Sir, born Oct. 2009, and Little Lady, born Feb. 2011. She is a mom, a part-time Lagree Fitness instructor, and the author of Living Consciously, a blog about living consciously which includes being conscious of the impact we have on our earth by green living as well as being conscious of our own bodies through natural health and wellness, fitness and nutrition.

4 Solutions for Toddlers Who {Wake Up} too Early

This post is part of our Sleep Series.  Fellow moms trying to help you rest easy! Just when you think you're in the clear...your beloved baby has turned into a hilarious toddler and maybe even...
School Snacks - Gluten-Free Dairy-Free | Dallas Moms Blog

Healthy School Snacks (Gluten Free + Dairy Free options)

We have entered the world of kindergarten and so far we have survived. While I could not have predicted the emotional wreck I was in the first week, one thing that I started worrying about as...
Book Clubs For Kids | Dallas Moms Blog

Not just for moms anymore: Book Clubs for Kids!

One of my favorite nights of the month is definitely our neighborhood book club -- Krystal has written about hers in the past. If you love to read and aren't a member of a book...
12 New Mom Secret Hacks | Dallas Moms Blog

12 New Mom Secret Hacks I Wish I Had Known

Now that I am no longer a new mom, and actually pretty far away from babies at this point, there are several new mom secret hacks that I wish I had known. Most often, I...
De-bunking inflammatory blog posts | Dallas Moms Blog

Don’t Let it Freak You Out: Debunking Inflammatory Blog Posts

Today you start scanning Facebook and there it is. Someone you know has posted a link to an article that makes your heart do a flip-flop. Instantly you feel like the worst mom/friend/human being ever...
I am done with birthday parties! | Dallas Moms Blog

I am done with birthday parties!

I am so excited to say that we are officially done with birthday parties at our house! It's not that we won't celebrate birthdays, but that I am no longer going to sacrifice my...
I am the soccer mom that brings healthy snacks | Dallas Moms Blog

Contributor Confessions: I am the soccer mom that brings healthy snacks

To be fair, I wouldn't really call myself a soccer mom. My son is only 5, and this is only our 3rd season to play Small Fry soccer through the YMCA. I don't ever...
5 Ways to Boost Energy Without Caffeine | Dallas Moms Blog

5 Tricks to Boost Energy without Caffeine

Lack of sleep-- one of the hardest things about motherhood! I have a friend who never drank a drop of coffee before kids, but after having two children in two years, she and caffeine are...
An Open Letter to My Child-Free Friends | Dallas Moms Blog

An Open Letter to my Child-Free Friends

Dear Child-Free Friend(s): I feel terrible about the last 5 years. I feel that I owe you an apology, but also an explanation. I haven't been around. I haven't initiated getting together, and several of...
Big Kids in the mall play area: I called security | Dallas Moms Blog

I Called Security on the Big Kids at the Mall

Although it is a fantastic petri dish of winter cold and flu germs, I have to say that the mall play area has been a lifesaver for me in extremely hot or extremely cold...
Naps: The Best 2015 Trend | Dallas Moms Blog

Naps: a new trend for 2015

I was supposed to write this post earlier today, but instead I took a nap. It was going to be a post about setting intentions for the new year or something. When I thought...
How To Travel With Kids (Not What You Think) | Dallas Moms Blog

Happy Holiday Travel With Kids (A Post That Might Surprise You!)

We've been doing a lot of traveling in the car with our 3 and 4 year old since the beginning of this year, mostly for family events. Not just a few hours, but day-long...