Hilliary Giglio

Hilliary grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but has lived in many places across the U.S., settling in Dallas in 2018 with her husband and (now) two sons. She is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist and Family Coach, and owner of Tranquil Beginnings. Prior to this, she spent much of her professional career working to improve the lives of children and families, utilizing her education in psychology, social work, and nonprofit management and fundraising to provide care for children, support little ones with developmental disabilities, teach trauma informed yoga and mindfulness to youth who have suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and raise money for healthcare systems and mid-sized nonprofits. When she isn't changing families' lives through her work, she can be found enjoying the city's kid-friendly activities, working her way through Dallas' culinary scene, exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga, and enjoying live music!

Setting Up Your Newborn for a Lifetime of Loving Sleep

So, you’ve got a brand-new baby who is spending most of their time eating, filling their diaper, and sleeping...or not sleeping.  Some newborns are natural sleepers, while others struggle from the start. Regardless of how...

A Mindful Child: Activities to Build Mindfulness with Children

Mindfulness has definitely become a buzzword in recent years. There are websites, books, classes, and apps galore on the topic. All geared towards helping you increase your awareness of the present moment and calmly...

Sleep-Inducing Holiday Gift Guide for Moms and Babies

It’s the time of year we all start thinking about holiday gifts! In my opinion, there’s nothing better than giving the gift of sleep.  Here’s a roundup of my favorite sleep-inducing gifts: The Ollie World...

It’s SIDS Awareness Month :: Reduce Your Risk with these Safe Sleep Tips

It’s not a fun topic to talk about, but very much needed when you’re a parent. October is SIDS Awareness Month. A safe sleep environment can help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome...

How to Nail Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

As parents, we start hearing about bedtime routines the moment our child arrives. I’m here to tell you that they are important!  It is not just a “fluff” word in parenting. Bedtime routines are cueing...

8 Tips to Improve Your Toddler or Preschooler’s Sleep

Are you exhausted from spending hours laying with your toddler, rubbing their back until they’re asleep, only to find them standing in the doorway to your bedroom two hours later? Did the crib to bed...

5 Summer Vacation Sleep Tips

It’s the start of summer around here and the world is beginning to reopen and people are TRAVELING! Which is all SUPER exciting, but how do you keep your kids' sleep schedule in check...

The What, When, Why, and How of Sleep Regressions

If your child suddenly stopped sleeping well, or even if they NEVER did, you probably ran across the four-month, eight-month, ten-month, one year, or even eighteen-month sleep regression in the depths of Googling “why...

4 Ways to Create More Connection in Your Bedtime Routines and Rituals

If you’ve been a parent for more than 5 seconds, you’ve likely heard that a bedtime routine is important for your child’s sleep! As a pediatric sleep specialist, I agree this couldn’t be more...

Sleep ALL Night Long :: Manage Sleep through a Time Change

Daylight Savings Time deserves some attention when talking about preserving your child’s sleep. If I had it my way, there wouldn't be daylight savings time! Most adults look forward to gaining an hour of...
easy family camping meals

Easy and Fun Family Camping Meal Tips

Have you taken children under the age of 5 camping? While it can be loads of fun, it can also be a bit stressful if you're not prepared. And mealtime is included in that!...

5 Resources for Less Drama, More Respect, and a Connected Family

It’s 4:30 pm and you’re in the grocery store checkout line trying to get home with supplies for making dinner. Your child has a complete meltdown and tantrum in the checkout line, so you: A)...