Dana Palacios

Born and raised in Dallas, Dana left only temporarily for college in Abilene. There she found a husband, Louis, and dragged him back to Dallas as quickly as she could! She used to call teaching 5th grade science her passion, but now her focus revolves around Carter (Nov. 2012) and Carrie (Apr. 2015), as well as her fur babies, Sadie Jo and Griffey Girl. She is still working in education as a Co-Director of a preschool, and fills whatever space is left with reading, baking, church activities, eating Mexican food, shopping, and snuggling in front of the tv with her husband!
Best of DMB 2017

Hidden Gems of DMB :: Great Posts You May Have Missed

Dallas Moms Blog has had another fabulous year of content! I thought it would be easy to pick my favorite posts of the year, but quickly realized it was quite a long list to...

7+ Things New Moms Need to Order From Amazon Right Now

I will begin with this. If you don't have an Amazon Prime account, get yourself one. It is definitely not the only way I shop, but I use it so frequently for so many...

That Time I Let Someone Else Make My Parenting Choices for Me

This is a story from about 18 months ago, when I did something I shouldn't have, and as you might expect from the title, it totally backfired. You see I let someone else (not...

Raising Children with Gender Neutral Skills

I can knit, crochet, sew, mod podge, and hot glue with the best of them. I also can find studs, drill pilot holes, change out light fixtures, and use a miter saw. I can...

The ABC’s of Pregnancy

This is the type of post you come up with when your four year old is learning to identify his letters, your almost two year old's favorite song is "The ABC's", and you've been...

Stop Judging Me By My Age

Let me start with a disclaimer: I'm not that young. I'll be 31 shortly after my 3rd arrives this summer! The problem is I have a baby face. And while I'll be thankful for...

Four Things to Consider When Touring a Preschool

Did you know now is the time to enroll children in preschool? It sounds crazy, but most schools open enrollment in January through March (some earlier!) and many fill up long before summer break! As a...

Hey Fellow Mom, It’s Okay to Just Survive

Dear mom/dad/grandparent/guardian, I need to tell you something simple, but important.    It's okay to just survive.    I taught 5th grade science in another life and I remember some of our vocabulary words during the life science unit...

Grieving During the Happiest Time of Year

First off, if you're reading this chances are you (or someone close to you) has lost someone, and I'm sorry.  I lost my dad last December, and though we technically celebrated Christmas last year,...

Motherhood: This Lonely Never-Alone Stage of Life

We all have seen the memes poking fun at moms' plural status: And it's true! I shower, potty, cook, clean, shop, nap, and everything else you can think of with my two mini-me's (and usually...

The Magic of Rainbow Babies

Rainbow baby: a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth. Just as a bright and beautiful rainbow follows the thunder and darkness of a storm and promises sunny skies ahead, a...

How to Have a Conversation with a Preschooler at the Dinner Table

My mom would probably say she isn't a good cook.  I don't necessarily think that is true, I think she had a tough audience (remember me? the picky eater), but regardless of her culinary...