Christina Q.

Christina is originally from Louisiana but grew up in Richardson, and considers herself a Cajun Texan.  She left Dallas temporarily to attend school at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em!), where she met her husband Steven.  They recently left the Lake Highlands city life for suburban bliss in Plano with their two kids – mini-Superhero Beckett (3) and Queen Ellis (7 months).   She works in digital marketing at an agency in Dallas, and loves documenting her journey as a mom on her blog, Project Domestic.  When not sleep deprived, you’ll find her reading, eating, furniture shopping and Netflixing.

What Having a Sensitive Daughter Taught Me

My daughter has been highly sensitive to people since she was three months old.  At a time when most babies are oblivious to strangers and can be passed around like a football, she panicked...

Appreciating A Husband Who Travels

The last time my husband went on a five-day work trip, the kids won their version of Lord of the Flies by day three.  While the little one destroyed my eyesight by breaking my...

Empathy, and Growing Up a Hyphenated-American

"You automatically have 2 strikes against you, so get used to working at least twice as hard as everyone else to get where you want to go."  My dad repeated these words to me...

Why The Bachelor Is Not Romantic

I’ll admit that since becoming a new parent, many things have changed – one of those things being my taste in television.  My current guilty pleasure is the Bachelor and all of its spin-offs: The...

Seven Kid-Free Resolutions for the New Year

I love our kids.  I mean I really, really love them - more than I've ever loved anything in my entire life.  Like shooting stars and universe explosions and never ending sea depths type...

Why One Is My Favorite Age

I don’t want to jinx it, but my daughter is currently that most wonderful, perfect age.  Now I've only experienced four years of what life with a child is like (with my oldest), but my...

6 Things Preschoolers Just Don’t Understand

I consider the preschool years the period of denial between toddlerhood and full-blown kid stage.  Your child is a no longer a baby but the diaper-changing and burping memories are still fresh; you’re allowed...

A Tale of Two Children: Co-Sleeper and Sleep-Trained

If you were to list out the many controversial topics of child-rearing, the great sleep debate would probably make top three issues.  Parents usually find themselves in one of two camps: the sleep-trainers or...

That Time My Daughter Quit Breastfeeding (and I Tried to Stop Her)

A week before my daughter’s first birthday, I took my breast out and left it exposed while she played on the rug nearby.  I kept it casual, ignoring the voice of Christina BC (Before...

Putting a Price on Sanity: 7 Things I Learned from Hiring a Sleep Trainer

I can almost hear the collective gasp of mothers everywhere as I type out the words “sleep training” –  the assumptions, the judgment, the “I would never” declarations just waiting to make their way...

Why I Decided To Be a Stay-At-Home Mom

I cleaned out my office last week.  I packed up picture frames and emptied drawers of snacks, knick- knacks, and business cards I’d no longer need.  Years of notebooks, headache cures, caffeine-related accoutrements, and...

Comfort Food: Lessons From My First Generation Mom

She swirled the soup a few times with her ladle and took a sip. “Do you like canh bun tau?”  I glanced at the bubbling broth, plain with a sprinkling of green herbs, and...