Attention :: Step Away from Being a Mom and Release the Caged Woman!!


Did that catch your attention? Good!! Are you suffering from moming so hard that you have forgotten how to be a woman? I mean uninhibited, party like a rockstar, walking barefoot on the sidewalk, wake up 36 hours later wondering what happened woman?!?! Or maybe take no mess, curled hair, high heels, Olivia Pope take over the world Woman?!?!


Whatever the “Woman” version of you that is missing, it’s time to find her again!! Here is the “How to guide for releasing that caged woman”!

  1. Let go of the mom guilt! I promise you, your children will not go into a full depression while you take 24-48 hours to yourself. They will miss you; you will miss them. But guess what? They will get over it and the hugs will be sweeter after being away from them for a while.
  2. Reclaim what makes you women! Ladies, want know one of the many advantages we have over men? BREASTS!! Doesn’t matter your shape, size, color, there is always someone out there who is going to love checking out your breasts. Enjoy them. Don’t worry about how flat your stomach is, or if your thighs touch, just know that they are looking at your breasts and be happy that you have them!
  3. Strip yourself of any titles! Hi, my name is _______ and I am nobody but me. Sometimes you have to take off all the different hats and just let your hair blow in the wind. Put the business cards away, and just give smiles and booty shakes!! (You have to, nothing says free like a random twerk session in the streets.)
  4. Rinse and Repeat! You should unplug from everything as often as you can. I wish I could put a number with this, but, everyone’s life is different so you have to do what works for you. But don’t forget you!!!

It’s okay, for some reason, as soon as that little bundle of joy is placed into our arms, we turn into this person who tends to neglect herself for the betterment of her children, significant other, work and everything else. (It’s okay, men just can’t do it like we can.) But Ladies, it is essential that we take that “me time” and feed that inner woman that is dying to get out and be FREE again!! In the words of Shania Twain, “Man, I feel Like a Woman!!”



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